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How to Defeat Wrath in Darksiders 3

by Larryn Bell

After defeating Envy in Darksiders 3, the next Deadly Sin you will encounter is Wrath, a beefy hunk of metal who has no qualms about cleaving enemies into the ground. The boss battle with Wrath is arguably easier than the battle against Envy, since there is no platforming or separate phases involved in this battle. Below, explain how to defeat Wrath when you encounter him in Darksiders 3.

How to Defeat Wrath

When you first encounter Wrath, he is busy fighting off some angel soldiers in a small chamber within the Nether. There’s no platforming in this boss fight, so it shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve gotten the hang of the Arcane Counter attack.

Most of Wrath’s primary attacks involve swinging one or both of his cleavers. His single-weapon swings are usually easy to predict, as Wrath with either yell or slow down for a moment just before swinging. This should give you enough time to dodge and pull off an Arcane Counter before backing away to prepare for Wrath’s next attack. 

Wrath will also lunge forward and swing both weapons at the same time to do a cross attack. This attack has a pretty far reach and can deal significant damage, so you will have to dodge backward to avoid getting hit.

At some point during the fight, Wrath will really get fired up, quite literally. He will lean back slightly and yell, then his upper body will burst with flames. After doing this, Wrath will typically sprint straight toward you and try to swing at you with one of his weapons. Be ready to run out of harms way and dodge just before he swings.

Wrath will occasionally slap his two weapons together to combine them into one, and then will lob the massive blade in your direction. As soon as you see Wrath put his blades together, be ready to dodge the incoming projectile. Typically, Wrath follow up from this move by bursting with flames and sprinting toward you once more before picking up his weapon, so be prepared to move.


The key to defeating Wrath in this encounter is to anticipate his attacks and be ready to dodge so that you can pull off multiple Arcane Counters that deal additional damage. When his life bar is less than a quarter full, use your Wrath Attack or Havoc Form to finish him off and trigger the cutscene. You will have a chance to face Wrath again later on, so keep your strategies from this fight in mind to prepare yourself for your future encounter.

Now that you know how to take down Wrath in Darksiders 3, you can move on hunt down the remaining Sins. For more Darksiders 3 gameplay tutorials, check out some of our other guides on how to level up and how to upgrade weapons and enhancements in Darksiders 3.

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