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How to Defeat Lust in Darksiders 3

by Larryn Bell

Lust proves to be a trickier foe than the Sins you’ve encountered thus far. The boss battle against Lust actually features a second opponent as well, who is the key to unlocking a special achievement in Darksiders 3 if you play carefully. We’ll explain how to defeat Lust in Darksiders 3 and how to get the For Whom the Bell Tolls trophy for those who wish to pull off an extra feat during battle.

How to Defeat Lust in Darksiders 3

The boss fight with Lust starts off with a cutscene where Fury is tempted by her own desires. When the battle begins, be prepared for Lust to attack with one of several sword maneuvers. The first is a backhand slash, where Lust will spin around before swinging to slice you. 

Another attack to look out for is Lust’s flip slash, which involves Lust leaping over Fury’s head with her sword pointing downward. Dodge to avoid getting cut by this attack. Lust may also perform a dash attack to try and hit Fury with a downward slice. 

Finally, Lust will pull back to perform a charged sword dash, where she will zip across the arena from a far distance. This is the easiest of Lust’s attacks to predict, as you will see Lust dash away to the far side of the arena before charging up the attack. This not only gives you enough time to dodge, but also a small window to consume a Shard or Nephilim’s Respite to heal up if needed.

The second phase of combat against Lust will introduce a new opponent, Usiel, who has been charmed by Lust’s proposition. At this point, you will have a choice: spare Usiel, or kill them both. If you spare Usiel and defeat Lust, you will unlock the For Whom the Bell Tolls achievement. 

When Usiel moves in to swing his massive bell at you, be prepared to dodge, but avoid following up with an Arcane Counter if you are trying to get the achievement. Try to kite Usiel away from Lust so that you can target Lust unimpeded. 

Continue focusing on Lust, switching the targeting off of Usiel whenever possible. Keep in mind that certain attacks, such as the Storm Hollow Wrath attack, will injure both opponents when within range, so stick to single-target attacks to ensure you keep Usiel alive. 

Defeating Lust will result in a visit with the Lord of Hollows, allowing Fury to obtain the Force Hollow. If you were able to keep Usiel alive after the battle, you will also unlock the For Whom the Bell Tolls trophy. Check out our other Darksiders 3 guides for more gameplay tips and walkthroughs, including where to rescue every human in Darksiders 3

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