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How to Defeat Gluttony in Darksiders 3

by Prima Games Staff

The Gluttony boss fight in Darksiders 3 has proven to be one of the more complex Deadly Sin boss battles in the game. The fight against Gluttony takes place in two stages, one of which involves the large Kraken you were dealing with earlier. Gluttony has a gamut of attacks and maneuvers that you must overcome if you wish to eventually defeat Gluttony in Darksiders 3.

How to Defeat Gluttony in Darksiders 3

As soon as the battle begins, Gluttony will turn into a huge tentacle that sweeps across the ground twice before slamming down to try to hit you. Back into one of the corners of the room to avoid getting hurt by the initial tentacle sweeps, then when the tentacle lands on the ground, run forward quickly to strike the glowing end before it retracts back toward Gluttony.

Next, Gluttony will begin launching a series of poisonous goop bombs at you that splatter and create poisonous puddles around the room. Dodge away from the arm as it creates the blobs, making sure to avoid any previous puddles that may still be on the floor.

Alongside his poison bombs, Gluttony will also launch spit at you, which can knock you back if you don’t dodge in time.

As Gluttony transitions to a new attack phase, run up to him and get in as many whip swings as you can before backing off. Be careful though, as being too close can cause you to get nabbed by Gluttony’s long-reaching arms.

When he goes to swipe or grab you, time your dodge and then follow up with an Arcane Counter whenever possible. 

At some point during battle, Gluttony will inhale hard to try and suck you toward him. If you get too close, he will grab Fury, chew her up, and spit her out, which can deal significant damage.

However, if you’ve got the Force Hollow equipped, Gluttony can’t inhale you. He can still grab you if you get too close, though.

The Kraken

After Gluttony’s health gets depleted to about half, the floor will break beneath you and the second phase of the fight will begin. You will plunge into an underground pool, where you must now face the Kraken that you encountered earlier. 

The key to this encounter is to not engage at all. Instead, you must leash the underwater bombs through the water until the Kraken decides to try and suck you in. The Kraken will occasionally slam its tentacles on the sea floor as well, so try not to get in the way when that happens.

Get close to one of the two bomb spawners on either side of the pool, then lure one of the bombs behind you, making sure to dash through the water to avoid detonating the bomb too early. You may want to use a different Hollow form other than the Force Hollow so that you can maneuver through the water easier.

When the Kraken starts to suck you in, swim away from its mouth and try to get the bomb into the stream so that the beast consumes it and the bomb explodes in its mouth. Keep doing this tactic until the Kraken falls, then run up and press the interact button to finish the fight. 

Once you finish off the Kraken, you will have defeated Gluttony as well. Fury will then take a quick trip to visit the Lord of Hollows once more to receive the Stasis Hollow. Check out our other Darksiders 3 guides for more gameplay tips and walkthroughs, including all human locations in Darksiders 3


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