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How to Craft Natural Leather Clothing in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

Although something about it seems creepy (like we’re one step away from a Silence of the Lambs), players in DayZ can now craft their own clothing from leather. It’s a somewhat finicky process, but one that’s a step in the right direction for those hoping for a more immersive experience. In fact, it’s not all that different from crafting a ghillie suit, something that we’ve covered in the past.

Step 1 – Craft an Improvised Knife

Improvised Stone Knife in DayZ.

A knife of some type will be needed to skin and quarter the bodies of the animals that players kill. It doesn’t matter what type of knife, but we find it useful to craft an Improvised Knife as soon as we spawn into the game. These items never deteriorate, and can even be used to open cans of food without spilling most of it.

Step 2 – Find a Leather Sewing Kit

A Leather Sewing Kit in DayZ.

If gamers plan to make some leather clothing, they’ll have to find a Leather Sewing Kit. These can be found just about anywhere, but are commonly seen in sheds, jails and many other buildings. Any player who is looting up should have no trouble finding one. Just make sure it’s in good condition, since the full leather outfit will require it to be used six times.

Step 3 – Crafting Tanned Leather

Garden Lime found in DayZ.

The next order of business will be to craft some Tanned Leather, which means that survivors will need to head inland (stop crying, Elektro can wait) and do some hunting. More specifically, players will need to kill either Deer or Cow, securing a Deer Pelt or Cow Pelt, respectively. Some areas of the map have herds of cattle, and it would be wise for players to kill them all since they will need five Cow Pelts to complete the entire outfit.

Next up, it will be time to find some Garden Lime, a loot item that can be located in sheds and near vehicles just about anywhere in Chernarus. When players combine either the Deer Pelt or Cow Pelt with the Garden Lime, they’ll craft Tanned Leather. If Garden Lime is combined with a Deer Pelt, players will get four pieces of Tanned Leather, where as the Cow Pelt will provide only three. To craft all six clothing items that can be made of leather, a total of 15 pieces of Tanned Leather will be needed.

Step 4 – Craft the Leather Outfit

Skinning a Wild Boar in DayZ.

Once survivors have all of the required materials, it will be time to craft the clothing items, the final step of the process. Of course, if players only have one or two pieces, that’s all they have to craft, but our handy little table below will provide the exact requirements of all items. For anyone working with a limited amount of Tanned Leather, we advise crafting the Natural Leather Storage Vest, which will provide a total of 10 inventory slots, second only to the High Capacity Vest.

Cothing Item Material 1 Material 2
Natural Leather Hat Tanned Leather x 1 Leather Sewing Kit
Natural Leather Jacket Tanned Leather x 5 Leather Sewing Kit
Natural Leather Moccasins Tanned Leather x 2 Leather Sewing Kit
Natural Leather Pants Tanned Leather x 3 Leather Sewing Kit
Natural Leather Vest Tanned Leather x 4 Leather Sewing Kit