How to Craft a Bow in H1Z1

Learn to craft a Makeshift Bow or Wooden Bow in H1Z1.

Finding a gun in H1Z1 can be hit or miss. Sure, they’re around, but with persistent bases and storage containers, dedicated players are always hoarding them from the average gamer. The good news is that crafting a bow can ensure that any survivor is armed within moments of spawning into the game. The bad news is that bringing a bow to a gunfight is usually a pretty bad idea.

Still, even though it may not be the best PvP option, a bow can help a fresh spawn defend him or herself against zombies, or take down some wildlife to keep from starving to death. It can also be used to kill other fresh spawns, although we would never encourage such banditry.

How to Craft a Makeshift Bow

Players will almost always spawn in a wooded area of H1Z1, even if it happens to be close to a city or town. This means there will be plenty of trees and bushes around, which will provide the Wood Stick required for this recipe.

The second component required for the Makeshift Bow is a Scrap of Cloth, something that players can get by shredding the t-shirt they start the game with. Sure, they’ll lose out on the ability to carry some additional inventory, but the Makeshift Bow is far more valuable in the early moments of survival in H1Z1.

How to Craft a Wooden Bow

Aside from the materials required to craft it, the difference between the Makeshift Bow and Wooden Bow comes down to accuracy and range. The Wooden Bow can be fired more accurately at much further distances, which will be a big help when trying to hit a deer with seemingly superhero artificial intelligence.

The problem with the Wooden Bow is that it typically requires players to enter high population areas of the map to find one of the required materials. Sure, the two Wooden Sticks and one Scrap of Cloth can be found immediately after spawning, but the Spool of Twine can be more difficult. It’s typically found in trash bins outside of houses, or sometimes even in dressers and cupboards inside the abandoned homes.

How to Craft a Wooden Arrow

The Wooden Arrow is one of the easiest items to craft in H1Z1. It’s even easier than the two bows we already talked about, only requiring a Wood Stick. The only problem is that they take up more inventory space than they used to, now requiring 10 bulk per arrow. We get it, we were the players who typically carried 60 or more arrows, but had to cut back hoarding just a bit. Now we’d peg the perfect number of Wooden Arrows at about 15 to 20, but players will want to keep a very close eye on how many they have. The last thing anybody needs is to run out of bolts in the middle of an epic battle with another player, or a bear perhaps. Honestly though, anyone fighting a bear with a bow is likely about five seconds away from respawning anyway.

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