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How to Complete Your Pokedex in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

by Prima Games Staff

With more than 600 Pokemon in X and Y for Nintendo 3DS, it’ll take you an untold number of hours to catch them all; in many instances, you’ll have to trade with other players. This makes completing the old Pokedex a somewhat monumental task.

It’s easy to get frustrated, but with these tips, you’ll quickly fill your Pokedex en route to 100 percent completion. 

Brush up on Pokemon X and Y with these Beginner’s and Advanced tips.

In the Field 

Running through flowers, tall grass and exploring caves and swamps are some of the easiest ways to find Pokemon. In addition, you’ll eventually acquire a fishing rod and can fish for specific types of monsters 

Horde Encounters 

Turns out, a select number of Pokemon (we’re looking at you, Wingull, Scraggy and Hoppip) are only available in Horde Encounters, where it’s you against five opponents. We suggest using Honey to increase the chance of experiencing a Horde Encounter. 

Shaking Trash Cans

Visit the Lost Hotel and Pokemon Village and you’ll come across green trash cans. Give them a good shake to reveal Pokemon you cannot find anyplace else, including Trubbish, Rotom and Banette; Banette evolves into Mega Banette. 

Pokemon Ambushes

Some Pokemon prefer sneak attacks. If you see a shadow over the entrance of or inside a cave, that’s a clear sign that you’re about to get into a fight. The same thing applies to bushes that shake. 

Similar to those aforementioned trash cans, Ambushes are the only way to catch specific Pokemon. With caves, you’ll find Skarmony, Woobat, Fearow, Noibat and Ariados. In bushes, expect to see Venipede and Audino. 

Breaking Rocks

Learn Rock Smash, then set off to break every cracked rock you see. Sometimes you’ll receive items, while other times you’ll discover Slugma, Shuckle, Dwebble and Binacle. 

Restoring Fossils

Don’t discard Fossils. Restore these remains at the Fossil Lab to bring these deceased Pokemon back to life. 

Pokemon Eggs

Pokemon like Pichu, Makuhita and Munchlax are found inside eggs, but first, you must catch these eggs and let them hatch.

Riding Pokemon

The Kalos region features some rough terrain easily traversed while riding certain Pokemon. Hitch a ride on Rhyhorn to find Sandile, Helioptile and Hippopotas, while riding Mamoswine will yield Snover, Delibird and Sneasel.

Friend Safari 

Friend Safaris are great ways to snag Pokemon with superior stats, in addition to discovering Frogadier, Quilladin and Braixen. To learn more about Friend Safaris in Pokemon X and Y, click here.

Link Trades 

Let’s face it, you have to link up and trade with other players to collect all the Pokemon; either that, or purchase both X and Y.  Even better, you can trade special Pokemon, like the many Vivillons currenty being shared around the world.

Legendary Pokemon 

Now we come to the grandaddies of them all, Legendary Pokemon. Critters like Mewtwo, Moltres, Xerneas and Zygarde are available in specific locations, which we’ll provide shortly.

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