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How to Complete Wanted: Subterranean Mind in Destiny 2

by Josh Hawkins

Following Cayde-6’s death, several dangerous prisoners managed to escape the confines of their cells in the Prison of Elders. Now, Spider, a new vendor in the Tangled-Shore, needs the help of Guardians around the galaxy to help find and bring these prisoners down. By doing this you will complete Wanted: Subterranean Mind in Destiny 2. The rewards are good, and this time around we’ll show you how to find and take down the Subterranean Mind, a Vex found in Pariah’s Refuge.

Wanted: Subterranean Mind

To find this particular Prison of Elders target, you’re going to need to make your way over to Mercury, where you’ll want to find the Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector. Now, finding this Lost Sector isn’t exactly straightforward in the least. The good news, though, is it’s the only Lost Sector in the area, which means, you won’t have to worry about stumbling onto another one while you’re looking.

When facing away from the Lighthouse, look for the entrance to the Lost Sector in the back left-hand corner of the area, not that far off from the entrance leading to the Infinite Forest. Like with any other Lost Sectors you can find in the game, it is marked on the map, so look for the marking on the planet map to find it more easily.

With the Lost Sector spotted, head over and make your way inside the Lost Sector. There are two ways to approach this fight. First, you can take the more careful approach and deal with the smaller adds first. This will clear out the room, saving the boss for last. Or, if you’re confident in your abilities and Power Level, just rush in and start taking on the boss without dealing with the adds first. No matter which method you choose, complete the fight and turn the bounty in.

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