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How to Complete Wanted: Nariks Reborn in Destiny 2

by Josh Hawkins

Hunting down all of the Wanted prisoners who escaped the Prison of Elders in Destiny 2: Forsaken is no easy job and your journey is going to lead you all over the various planets and destinations that you have to explore in Destiny 2. Along the way you’ll be tasked with taking out Nariks Reborn, a Fallen Servitor hiding on the planet Nessus. Here’s everything you need to know to track down this target and complete Wanted: Nariks Reborn in Destiny 2.

Wanted: Nariks Reborn

Players can find the servitor Nariks Reborn hiding away in the Carrion Pit, one of the Lost Sectors located on Nessus. To locate the Carrion Pit Lost Sector spawn in at the Exodus Black point on Nessus and hop onto your Sparrow. With your trust mechanical steed in place, head through the broken ship and make your way over to the Glade of Echoes. Here you should see a path off to the right that you can head up. Continue up this path to a set of debris, where you’ll find the entrance to the Carrion Pit Lost Sector.

Once inside the Lost Sector, it’s time to complete the bounty that you came here to finish. Take on the enemies in the first room and clear it out. When it’s clear of all enemies—and they’ve all been sent back to the Darkness that they came from—hop up and into the debris above you. This is a shortcut that will lead you directly to where you target, Nariks Reborn is hiding. This will save you some time, as you won’t need to fight through the entire Lost Sector to find your target.

Continue forward and take on the final target and any enemies around it. You should be able to make quick work of them. Once that’s done, you can turn in the bounty and prepare to move on to the next one. Make sure you grab the chest for the Lost Sector too, after all you wouldn’t want to miss out on any possible loot for your troubles.

Now that you’ve completed Wanted: Nariks Reborn, learn more about all cat locations in the Dreaming City as well as head back over to our Destiny 2 guides for even more helpful content and strategy guides.


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