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How to Complete Wanted: Karagul

by Josh Hawkins

You’ve already taken down a plethora of enemies in your hunt to defeat the Darkness in Destiny 2, but now it’s time to tackle the next bounty in Spider’s Wanted collection. Next up on our list is how to complete the Wanted: Karagul bounty in Destiny 2. Karagul is a powerful Hive Wizard that you’ll need to defeat to complete the Wanted: Karagul bounty after you purchase it from Spider in The Tangled Shore.

Wanted: Karagul

To complete this particular bounty, players are going to need to look out for the Hive Wizard, Karagul on Titan. Like many bounties, you’ll find this particular enemy hiding in a Lost Sector. Since there are only three Lost Sectors to worry about on Titan, but we’ll save you the trouble and go ahead and point you over to Methane Flush, a Lost Sector located over in Siren’s Watch.

To get started, spawn in at Siren’s Watch and then jump off the platform onto a nearby building. Here you can find the entrance to the Methane Flush Lost Sector off the side of the building. Head inside to find your target.

As with any Lost Sector, there are a lot of enemies to deal with here. Focus on taking them out and progressing forward until you reach the room with your final target. Again, clear out any adds and then, once the room is clean, focus your attention and firepower on Karagul. It shouldn’t take you too long to defeat the Hive Wizard and send it back into the dark abyss that it came crawling out of.

Now that you’ve completed the bounty, turn it in and then make your way back out of the Lost Sector—after looting the Lost Sector chest of course. You can also check out how to complete Wanted: Kurg, The All-Seeing Force or how to complete Wanted: Queenbreaker. You can also head back over to our Destiny 2 guides for even more strategy content to help you survive the new expansion and take on all the end-game content that’s available.

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