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How to Complete Fleet Expeditions in No Man’s Sky

by Josh Hawkins

One of the best ways to acquire lots of money and get your hands on some rare materials is to complete Fleet Expeditions in No Man’s Sky. You can complete Fleet Expeditions after you score yourself a frigate, allowing you to really start making some money in the long run. Today we’ll show you everything you need to know about completing expeditions in No Man’s Sky.

How to Complete Expeditions

The first step to completing expeditions with your fleet is to learn how to get a freighter. Once you have your hands on one of these massive ships, you can set up a Freighter Command Station inside it, and then start traveling around to different galaxies and scoring yourself new frigates for your fleet. We’ve already talked briefly about how to build up your fleet, so we won’t be covering that again just yet. What we will talk about, though, is how you can send your freighters off on different expeditions, which you can do from the Freighter Navigator.

Once you speak to the Freighter Navigator, you’ll be given a list of available expeditions that you can complete at the current moment in time. You’ll also be given a time limit, or duration for each expedition, as well as a distance that your frigates will travel, and even the type of expedition and the difficulty of the expedition that is on the table.

There are a few different types of expeditions that you can complete. So far we have come across Combat Patrols, Voyages of Discovery and Balanced Expeditions, but there may be other types out there that we haven’t discovered just yet.

When you’ve selected an expedition, send your fleet out to it, and wait for the timer to count down. Once it’s completed, the fleet will return with the goods in tow. Or, if they somehow fail it, you may lose some of your ships. Either way, completing expeditions is a great way to obtain a good deal of money, as well as a good way to grow the stockpile of items that you have in your possession.

Now that you know how to send your fleet on expeditions, it’s time to dive in and start building up your empire. Learn how to claim and build a base, and make sure you know how to get Chromatic Metal if you plan on building more advanced items. We’ll have plenty of new content coming to our No Man’s Sky guide as well, so check back there to see all of our No Man’s Sky strategy content.


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