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How to Collect Treasures in Song of the Deep

by Prima Games Staff

Song of the Deep is Insomniac Games’ thoughtful throwback to the Metroidvania era, a 2-D game that has a heavy reliance on exploration, with some combat thrown in for good measure. However, it certainly rewards its players, with a bounty of treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Here are some quick tips on how to collect certain treasures in the game.

Treasure Chests in Song of the Deep

The first thing you’ll need to know is that there are different kinds of treasure chests scattered throughout each stage, and getting to them all may prove to be a little challenging. However, here’s the best way to get them open once you come across each of the chests.

Regular treasure chest: This is fairly simple enough. Just use your claw (it can be the regular or the upgraded Concussive) to get it open and collect the coins inside.

Chained chest: Getting this open is a little bit tougher, but if you can gain access to a huge rock, you can grab it with your claw and drop it right on top. A Foromi sphere can also be picked up over the course of some levels, and used to open it right up in Song of the Deep.

Upside-down chest: This is a bit trickier, since you can’t really access this kind of chest with your claw. You’ll need to upgrade your submarine to use an Ice Torpedo, then just shoot at it. This will allow it to float free, and you’ll be able to access it at this point.

Treasures from Clams in Song of the Deep

Clams are scattered throughout the world in Song of the Deep, but you need to treat them with gentle care. Otherwise, they’re likely to spit out at you and send you floating away with the current.

The key here is finding food that matches the color of their shell. For instance, if you have a clam that has a yellow shell, you want to find a yellow object that you can feed it; same with red, green and so on. The best thing you can do is look around the level (use your map if necessary) and locate something of that color to feed them.

Once that’s done, grab it with your claw and hurl it at the clam. If it’s the right thing, they’ll happily digest it and give you a little treasure for your trouble. Nothing beats a happy clam!

Using Kelp in Song of the Deep

On occasion, you’re going to run into some kelp, glowing in two different colors – yellow and purple. This is an interesting puzzle that Insomniac Games has introduced into the game, requiring you to mix the two colors together so that they’ll turn a singular color and unlock some treasure for you in the process.

This is a simple thing to do. Simply swim into the kelp with your submarine until enough of a certain color type stick to your ship. Once that’s done, try to make it to the other type of colored kelp before they fall off. By doing this, they’ll mix together, and the treasure will be yours.

It helps to have an upgraded ship in order to do this, so try to gain access to the Turbine Boost first, just so you have a little more time on your side. Once that’s done, the kelp will certainly be waiting.

Lighting Orbs in Song of the Deep

Last but certainly not least, there are certain trails hidden within levels of Song of the Deep where you can light up orbs that create a certain path. You’ll see these with blue lights that shine in the environment. Once you swim past the first one with yours ship, you’ll be able to continue on and try to light them all up.

Just a word of warning – stay on track when it comes to swimming past these. If you manage to miss one singular orb on your journey, you’ll have to go right back to where you started. However, if you manage to make it all the way through the path, the mini-challenge will be complete, and you’ll earn a little treasure as a result. More coin in your pocket!

Good luck, and enjoy scavenging in Song of the Deep!

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