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Advanced Tips for Song of the Deep

by Prima Games Staff

We posted beginners’ tips for Song of the Deep, but the further you go into this Metroidvania-style game, the more difficult it becomes. Fortunately, we have some Song of the Deep advanced tips that will help you move along.

Grab the Boost Jet in Song of the Deep

You can travel along pretty well in Insomniac’s game, but if you want to get past certain areas with running currents, you’ll need the Boost Jet. This will let you continue exploring without worrying about being washed away. 

Find the Tyne Wellspring midway through the level, and then look for a T-shaped intersection. Once you’re here, look for a headless statue on the left, but don’t go that way – hang a right instead. You’ll ride along a current and eventually find a head on the other side to place on the statue. Go ahead and grab it.

Another current will now carry you back to the left side of the map, and you’ll be able to go down the path and pick up the Boost Jet. With this, you’ll be able to swim against certain currents. With the head still in tow, you should be able to return to the statue, and open things up.

One more thing – you’ll have a chance to upgrade this in Merrow Ruins, the third level of the game. A hermit crab will let you buy it shortly after you find the Searchlights (see below), and that extra speed boost will help you zip through the levels even faster.

Get the Concussive Claw in Song of the Deep

Next up, you have the Concussive Claw, which acts as an upgrade to your current claw. It will let you take on enemies much quicker than before, and also break through some barriers to pick up coins and other secrets.

You’ll obtain the Concussive Claw from an unlikely source – a crab. You’ll see him shortly after you obtain the Boost Jet, so swim over to him and use some of your coins to upgrade your claw. It’ll prove useful, especially when it comes to getting 100 percent completion.

This version of the Claw will help you wipe out enemies quickly, but that doesn’t mean you should run into every battle – especially if you’re carrying something in Song of the Deep. Still, better to have it on hand, just in case.

Get the Searchlights in Song of the Deep

Not all enemies can be dealt with using your Concussive Claw. Lantern jellies, for example, can be a real nuisance. The only way to deal with them is to pick up the Searchlights, which will allow you to push them out of the way without feeling their piercing sting.

You’ll find the Searchlights midway through the third level in the game, Merrow Ruins. You’ll have to deal with a few dangerous pillars first (time your way through them, and use your Boost Jet to avoid being crushed), and then look for a set that shake, but don’t pose any threat. The Searchlights are in this area.

Once you have these, you’ll be able to move the Jellies out of the way and continue through the stage. They’ll also come in handy for exploring darker areas of Song of the Deep, such as the ones you’ll find in level four, Watcher’s Hollow.

Good luck, and enjoy exploring the depths with Song of the Deep!

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