You’ll notice in Psychonauts 2 that Raz has a new set of clothes as well as a snazzy new suit and tie. However, fans of the original might miss Raz’s old clothes. Here’s how to change clothes in Psychonauts 2.

How To Change Into Your Old Clothes In Psychonauts 2

In order to change clothes in Psychonauts 2, you’ll need to complete the scavenger hunt quest given to you by Norma at the beginning of the game. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it as the game makes you take on the quest. 

Collecting all of the pieces may be tricky, but luckily, we have a guide on how to get every single piece of the Scavenger Hunt. The bad news is, you won’t be able to get all of them until you beat the game, so you’ll only be able to change clothes for the post-game.

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In order to change clothes return all of the items to norma in the Intern Wing, and then you’ll be able to visit the bathroom in the Noodle Bowl. Here you can change into your old clothes, your swanky suit, or even your old circus clothes. 

It’s fun to run around in your old digs and remember what it’s like back when you were exploring Whispering Rock Summer Camp. Maybe you want to go visit your family with your circus attire on. 

Of course, combine this with the photo mode in the game and you can make Raz do some really funny stuff. Explore and enjoy to your heart's content. 

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to change clothes in Psychonauts 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages.