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How to Change Party Members in Octopath Traveler

by Bryan Dawson

If you’ve been putting a few hours into Octopath Traveler, you’ve probably gotten enough party members that you may want to know how to switch characters so you can change them around a bit. Once you have more than four party members in Octopath Traveler you have the ability to switch characters. However, unlike some other games, how to change party members in Octopath Traveler is not as straight forward as it may sound. This article covers how to switch characters in Octopath Traveler so you can keep your party fresh.

How to Change Party Members

  • Go to a tavern.
  • Speak with the tavern keeper.
  • Select Change Party.

In order to change characters in Octopath Traveler, first you need to recruit at least five characters to your party. That means you’ll need to travel around to the locations marked on your map that indicate the location of other characters. Go to each town and speak with the character (whose text bubble will be green) and they will join your party.

You can only have a maximum of four characters in your party. Once you have at least five characters in your party, you’ll have to make a choice of which four characters you want to participate in battles. When you first obtain your fifth party member you’ll be given the choice of which character in your party you want to replace. However, after that happens you’ll need to make your way to a tavern if you want to change out your party members.

Most taverns are located in towns, which means you can’t usually change out your party members unless you’re in a town. Make your way to a tavern and speak with the tavern keeper behind the counter. Select the Change Party option and you’ll be able to not only swap out party members, but you can also adjust the placement of characters within your party. If you want Ophilia at the top, you can move here there if you so choose.

The tavern keeper also allows you to take a look at the equipment of anyone in your party, just in case you want to strip gear away from someone who’s sitting it out. You can also hear a tale or restore reputation in the region if you’ve made one too many failed steal attempts.

If you’re looking for more information, such as how to unlock jobs, you can find that and more in our Octopath Traveler game hub!

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