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How to Change Hair Color In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

by Thomas Wilde

 2017’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has gotten a fresh wave of fans lately, since you can get some new stuff for New Horizons by linking your Pocket Camp save data to your Nintendo account. If you’re heading off to camp, instead of or in addition to your island adventure, here are some tips that’ll keep you looking as fresh as possible. 

How to Change Hair Color In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Pocket Camp has very forgiving cosmetic options for your character, but they aren’t available right away. When you start the game, you’ll be offered the chance to pick your villager’s hairstyle, hair color, eyes, eye color, and skin tone, right before your first meeting with Isabelle.

If you decide you messed up your villager at this point (there are a weirdly high number of hairstyles in this game that look terrible from the back), it’s fixable, but you do have to wait a few minutes. Keep following Isabelle’s advice and finish Pocket Camp’s tutorial, right up until you’re let loose into the world, with your first friend in tow, and given your first set of Daily Rewards. At this point, you should gain access to the Settings menu by tapping the icon with the four squares on it on the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

Among many other options, your Options menu lets you open Settings by tapping on the wrench icon. In Settings, in addition to turning off the music and managing your block list, you can edit your character’s basic appearance. This reopens the base character-creation menu, which lets you change everything about your character’s hair, face, skin tone, and even gender. You couldn’t edit that last one in-game back in 2017 when Pocket Camp was new, but that got changed at some point between then and now. As of today’s version of Pocket Camp, you can flip between the two on the fly at any time via the Edit Character feature.

Click on the Options menu, then Settings…

…and Edit Character will take you right back to the Edit Character options for free. Be who you want to be!

This doesn’t cost you a thing, so you can constantly tweak your hairstyle, give yourself a tan in summer, or have a different eye color for every day of the week if you want. The only thing you can’t change about your character, once you’ve gotten started, is your display name.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, thankfully, is mostly Isabelle’s show. If you want all the fun of Animal Crossing without being shaken down quite as explicitly, it’s a pretty good use of your time. Keep us in the loop about campsite invitations via our official Twitter, @PrimaGames.

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