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How to Change the Difficulty Settings in Battletoads

by Morgan Shaver

In Battletoads, you’re given the option to select the difficulty setting you want to play on. While the game can be a challenge, there are easier difficulty settings that’ll help you make it to the end.

Conversely, there’s a harder difficulty setting that’ll put your Battletoads skills to the ultimate test. 

How to Change the Difficulty Settings in Battletoads

Battletoads has three difficulty settings to choose from: Tadpole, Toad, and Battletoad. Each of these three difficulty settings are the equivalent of Easy, Medium, and Hard.

If you’re unfamiliar with Battletoads, you may want to select either Tadpole or Toad. If you’re a pro looking for a challenge, the hardest difficulty setting is Battletoad.

In the event you’re unhappy with the difficulty setting you’ve chosen, you’re in a bit of a pinch when it comes to changing the difficulty setting.

To elaborate, you can only change the difficulty settings when starting up a new game of Battletoads.

Because of this, we recommend you choose your difficulty setting wisely because once you choose a difficulty setting, you’re stuck with it unless you want to start a new game.

The Battletoad difficulty is particularly grueling, so you may want to try Toad in order to get a feel for the game before attempting to beat the game on the Battletoad difficulty setting.

You can also select a difficulty setting, play around with it for a few minutes, then go back and start a new game on a new difficulty setting depending on your in-game experience.

For example, if you select Tadpole you’ll notice if it’s way too easy for you pretty fast, allowing you to start a new game on Toad for a more balanced experience.

Again, there are three difficulty settings to choose from in Battletoads: Tadpole, Toad, and Battletoad. You select your difficulty setting in the start menu before diving into a new game.

Once you’re in a game, you can’t change the difficulty setting. If you’re struggling and need to change the difficulty, the only thing you can do is go back and start up a new game on a new difficulty setting in Battletoads.

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