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How to Change the Difficulty in Marvel’s Avengers

by Morgan Shaver

As you prepare to dive into Marvel’s Avengers, you may find yourself wondering if you’re able to change the difficulty.

Are you stuck with the difficulty setting that you choose? Are there any difficulty trophies in Marvel’s Avengers? Let’s take a closer look! 

How to Change the Difficulty in Marvel’s Avengers

In Marvel’s Avengers there are four difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Brutal. These difficulty settings relate to how much damage your enemies deal and how much damage they’re able to take.

  • On Easy, enemies will have their attack and defense reduced. The enemy’s power level will be -5 which dials things down quite a bit. You’ll also have an easier time countering attacks on Easy.
  • On Normal, things will feel more balanced and enemies won’t be as weak as they are on the Easy difficulty setting (no power level changes).
  • If you’re looking for a challenge, you can select Hard and have your enemy’s power level increased +5. With this, enemies will be much stronger, and attacks are much harder to counter.
  • Finally, you can select the most challenging difficulty setting in Marvel’s Avengers, Brutal. On this difficulty setting, the enemy’s power level will be increased +10. Similar to Hard, the enemies will have stronger attacks, be able to withstand more damage, and will have attacks that you’ll have a hard time countering.

If you select a difficulty setting and find that it’s too easy, or too hard, you’ll be happy to hear that you’re able to change it in Marvel’s Avengers.

To change the difficulty settings, you’ll need to either press the Menu Button on Xbox One or Options on PlayStation 4. While scrolling through Options, select “Settings” and then select “Gameplay” to find the Campaign Difficulty settings. 

Change the Campaign Difficulty settings to your new desired difficulty level, then save your settings. If you’re still unhappy with the difficulty, you’re free to continue to change the settings as needed.

Also, if you’re worried about disrupting the ability to earn difficulty trophies in Marvel’s Avengers, rest assured that there are no difficulty trophies in Marvel’s Avengers.

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