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How to Catch Every Bugsnax in Frosted Peak

by Jesse Vitelli

Here is the final area of the game! This is how to catch every Bugsnax in Frosted Peak. Let’s do this. 

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Frosted Peak


The Banopper can only be gathered from destroying a Scoopy Banoopy. Once destroyed the Banopper will hop into the trees to the left side of the cave. I recommend catching it with a Trip shot before it ever makes it to the trees.


The Scoopy can only be obtained from destroying a Scoopy Banoopy, once it’s destroyed the Scoopy acts exactly like the SHerbie, it will bury itself in the ground and pop out to shoot ice at you. Light it on fire using a Trip Shot attached to a torch or lighting your Buggy Ball on fire.


The last piece of the destroyed Scoopy Banoopy, the Cheery acts exactly like a Strabby. Place a Snak Trap nearby, cover it in chocolate and simply wait. 

Scoopy Banoopy

This is one of the hardest Bugsnax to deal with. You’ll need to bait it into the cave at the top of it’s path. Inside is a Stewdler and some Torches, use of one these to light the Scoopy Banoopy on fire, wait for it to calm down, then ktie it into another Trip Shot before the timer runs out. If the timer runs out it will break into the Banopper, Cheery, and Scoopy.


The Aggroll can be found inside the same cave as the Stewdler, it’s encased in the ice so take a Trip Shot, plant it on the torch and shoot it at all the ice blocks to defrost them and reveal the Aggroll. The Aggroll is the same as the Pinkle in which you have to use the grappler to remove its shell. 


The Chippie is exactly the same as the Kwookie, set up a trip Shot in its path, and wait. 


Another flying Bugsnax that needs to be brought down. It’s frozen at first so use chocolate and bait it into the nearby campfire, leaving it there long enough will let it defrost and knock it out. 


The Flutterjam can be found closer to the top of the mountain. All you have to do is shoot peanut butter at it to knock it down, it’s really that simple. 

MT Sodie

Another swimming soda can. You’ll find it directly at the beginning of the area, just drop a Snak trap and grab it. 


The Stewdler is similar to the Noodler, bait the Scoopy Banoopy into the cave and make them interact with each other using hot sauce or chocolate. 

Melty Snakpod

The Melty Snakpod can be found all around Frosted Peak. Keep your eyes Peeled for a colorful bag in the mountain caves on the walls. Sue your grappler to grab them. 


This one is easy, whip out your camera to take a pic and it will show up! Just set up a trap outside of the bush it’s hiding in.

Baby Cakelegs

The Baby Cakelegs is part of the Daddy Cakelegs fight, you’ll get them simply by setting a Snak trap in their path as the fight progresses.

Daddy Cakelegs 

Daddy Cakelegs can only be found once you’ve made it to the end of Snorpy’s questline. He will take you to the Frosted Peaks to battle against the Daddy Cakelegs. Use the Trip Shot to light the birthday candles on the Daddy cakelegs to take it down. The fight has three phases all around the Frosted Peaks. When the Daddy Cakelegs disappears follow the Baby Cakelegs to see where it’s going next!


Well, we did it! That’s the final area of Bugsnax. If you still need any help let us know on the official prima Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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