How to Catch Every Bugsnax in Flavor Falls

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Here is every Bugsnax you can catch in Flavor Falls. Some of them can be tricky both in capturing and how to even find them. Luckily we’ve built a guide for you to help make sure you catch all of these tasty critters. 

Flavor Falls


This is the first Bugsnax you will come across, and the game will use it to teach you the basic mechanics of the game.

All you have to do is place a trap on its path then walk away and hide using the circle button. When it enters the radius of your trap, click the R2 button to catch it. 


You won’t have access to this Bugsnax until you receive the Grappler, which will be obtained from story progression.

Once you have the Grappler you can find the Pinkle near the Strabby in the opening section. Simply grapple the jar off of it and then walk up to it and hit square.


The Rootle works the same exact way as the Strabby. You can place a trap down in its path, hide, and then activate the trap to capture it. Alternatively, you can shoot the trap with ranch dressing to attract it

White Rootle

The White Rootle is caught exactly the same as the regular Rootle. The only difference is it has to be nighttime for the White Rootle to appear. 

Green Lollive

The Green Lollive is a little different than most Bugsnax you’ll come across. You’ll need to shoot your trap with hot sauce to get it to come down from its flight path.

Once you do that you can capture it with the standard trap. You could also set up a Trip shot in it’s path to knock it out, but this is a much trickier process.


The Inchwrap burrows underground and can be found in the secret cave area. In order to get it out of the ground, you’ll need to lead it into another Bugsnak to knock it out.

Just get close to it and slowly works towards another Bugsnak. 


The Sandopede is one of the harder Bugsnax to catch. You’ll need to learn it’s path and then set up a Trip Shot to knock it out. Once you’ve knocked it out, all of the individual sandwich pieces will separate.

You need to catch each of them before you can capture the head. Just run around and hit square on the knocked out pieces and eventually, you’ll get the head. 

Sub Sandopede

These are just the individual pieces of the Sandopede

Ruby Peelbug

The Ruby Peelbug can be caught once you receive the Buggy Ball from Gramble. You can guide the Buggy Ball into the small hole in the cliffside.

Before doing that place a Snak Trap on the exit of the tunnel so you can trap it as soon as the Buggy Ball chases it out. 

Caramel Poptick

The Caramel Poptick can only be found when it is raining. You get this information from scanning the caramel goop found inside the secret cave.

Once it is raining (it’s random) go to this location, which is the same location as the Inchwrap, and just plop down a Snak Trap and hope for the best.

Twisty Snakpod

There are different variants of the Snakpod in each area. This area has the Twisty Snakpod and they can always be found in the same spots.

The easiest spot in Flavor Falls is to go the very beginning of the area where you first come from at the beginning of the game.

There will be a Twisty Snakpod on a high ledge in front of you. Just use your Grappler to pluck it and it’s yours. 

Wee Mewon

The Wee Mewon can only be found once you’ve gotten to the end of Chandlo’s side quest. He will take you on a mission to find the biggest Bugsnax leading you to Flavor Falls behind a secret waterfall.

Once inside you’ll meet the Mama Mewon and her babies, the Wee Mewon. The Wee Mewon can be caught with a regular Snak Trap.

Mama Mewon

This is considered a boss fight in Bugsnax and will take some serious work to catch. Again, this is part of Chandlo’s side quest, you won’t even have access to the area until then.

What you need to do is capture Mee Mewon’s in front of the Grumpus statues.

Do not collect the Wee Mewons, but instead leave them in the trap and let the Mama Mewon charge into the statute. 

This will knock her out and then you must grapple the stalactite above her. Rinse and repeat this a few times to finally break open the Mama Mewon and capture her. 

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That’s every Bugsnax in Flavor Falls. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as we break down each area of the game and help y’all catch all of the Bugsnax. 

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