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How to Build Stages In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

by Liana Ruppert

The latest update update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate went live yesterday and brought with it unique ways to create and share unique stages. For those Smash players that want to harness that creative energy to create incredible stages all their own, there’s a few things that should be considered before diving in. 

What is the Stage Builder? 

The stage builder allows players to create unique levels how they see fit by using objects in layers to ultimate create an animated and dynamic stage to reflect a more individualized style. This can also include moving platforms, which makes the possibilities even more exciting. 

How to Build 

There are more than a few tools in this particular tool belt. One is the ability to choose from a preset amount of patterns and platform types to create layers and items. This selection is under Fill Object. 

Players will also be able to use the Draw feature by using the touch screen to create an object or connect to platforms using a traceable line. Beyond that, players can also use the Rotate Gear to force movement on both objects and platforms however the player sees fit. 

Create Rail offers players a way to create a specific path for a platform / object so that it can move gradually over time, creating a more dynamic stage to show off to friends. Also available is the Place Object tool which allows for even more creativity by creating interactive objects from pre-made templents including Warp Zones, Ladders, Bomb Blocks, Wind Gusts, and so much more. 

The latest feature has so much to offer fans in terms of putting their own style into the fighting game. This paired with the recently added video editor feature gives fans a chance to truly let their creativity shine in between pwning other players off the map. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. 

Liana Ruppert

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