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How to Build a Bridge in Minecraft by Crouch Walking

by Prima Games Staff

While playing Minecraft, you’ll eventually need to cross lava, a lake or ravine. Building a bridge is the best way to make it to the other side, but there’s a trick to doing it. This feature will tell you how to build out in Minecraft, even if it means creating a beautiful sky bridge. 

Building out requires you to place blocks within empty space. It’s a fact of virtual life that if you intend to make bridges, you better enjoy working and living on the edge. 

Important tip! Always crouch when building out because it’s easy to fall off when standing up; to crouch, press and hold the Shift key to sneak. Crouching lets you move further out and it’s impossible to fall. 

Try this near your home or another relatively safe place. Place a block and jump onto it. Crouch and move as far out as possible. Look down at your feet and you’ll see empty space, making it seem like you’re on an invisible block. 

While looking down, make note of the block edge you’re on. Walk backward and then place a new block at this edge. Now repeat this process, adding blocks as you go.  

You basically want to ride the edge of the most recently placed block and continue adding new ones. If you wish to design a ledge instead of a bridge, you should move side to side instead of backward. Place new blocks to widen the ledge and then crouch walk to the new edge to add blocks in the other direction.

This proves useful when building a house, since the crouch-walk technique is a great way to fill in the roof. Be on the lookout for monsters, though, since these creatures can still knock you off a block. 

Now that you know how to make a bridge, we’ll tell you how to farm Pumpkins, Carrots and Wheat!

Prima Games Staff

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