How Big is the LEGO Fortnite Map? – Answered

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What is the Size How Big is The LEGO Fortnite Map
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LEGO Fortnite proves that the LEGO brand is eternally popular and that practically any crossover with it works. The LEGO Fortnite map is huge, so keep reading to learn exactly how big it is.

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What is the Map Size of the new LEGO Fortnite Map?

The surface of the LEGO Fortnite map is approximately 95 km² (square kilometers), which is close to 37 sq mi (mi², square miles). The LEGO Fortnite map is close to 20 times bigger than the regular Battle Royale map, and to top it all, it is procedurally generated.

Even though Fortnite started as a showcase of the powers of the Unreal Engine for Epic Games, it gradually became one of the most popular video games in history, which keeps evolving, adding new content, new ways to play, and new collaborations with big brands and celebrities. We also have the Fortnite Rocket Racing that recently came out, and we can’t imagine what might be next for Fortnite.

Procedural generation of an area this big is a huge task for any engine, and it works with the seed mechanic that’s similar to the seed mechanic in many other games, such as Minecraft.
95 square kilometers (37 square miles) is indeed an unfathomable map size for a video game for many players. It’s a square slightly smaller than a 10 km x 10 km square or somewhat bigger than a 6-mile x 6-mile square. So, in essence, walk 6 miles forward and then walk 6 miles to the left or to the right. How much time would it take you for such an endeavor?

Opinions about the prettiness of the new LEGO Fortnite are divided, with some players loving the new environment and some feeling that it’s bland and monotonous.

If you are new to LEGO Fortnite, make sure to check out if you can move your village in LEGO Fortnite.

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