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How Big is Redfall? File Size Guide for All Platforms

Make some room to spill some blood.

Players eagerly awaiting the release of Arkane Studios’ cooperative vampire-slaying adventure won’t have to wait much longer, as the May 2 release date draws closer and closer. Though, with massive file sizes for mainstream games becoming the norm, many are wondering if they’ll have enough room to install Redfall on their chosen platforms, or if they’ll have to do some Spring cleaning in preparation. Wondering how much space you’ll need to jump in and slay? Continue reading for our file size guide for Redfall on all platforms.

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Redfall – Total GB Required for All Platforms

While Redfall isn’t quite as massive as, say, the newest Call of Duty entry, it’s not too far off. Players are recommended to free up at least 100 GB of space on their hard drives before attempting to install the game. Here’s how much GB you’ll need for each platform to install Redfall:

Regardless of which PC platform you choose, Redfall will require a whopping 95 GB of free space to fit in. A pretty large request if you ask us, but not too surprising when you realize the hefty system requirements for running Redfall at higher settings.

Xbox players will have a little relief, but not by much. Redfall requires a total of 86 GB of free space to install on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

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With such a large amount of free space needed to install, it’s a good idea to preload Redfall in preparation for its May 2 launch. Thankfully, players who’ve preordered the game can do that now on their respective platforms. And since Redfall will be available as a Day One release on Game Pass, subscribers can begin preloading the game as well.

Wanna make sure you’re ready to jump into Redfall the moment it launches? Check out our guide on the Redfall global release schedule here so you don’t waste any precious vampire-slaying time.

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