How Big is Pikmin 4? File Size Guide

What kind of space can such tiny creatures occupy?

How Big is Pikmin 4 File Size Guide

Pikmin 4 is coming soon to Nintendo Switch as a continuation of the long-running original series that started on the Nintendo GameCube. After the Deluxe version of the third part and the recently released remasters of the first two titles, it’s time for a brand new Pikmin game!

The free demo for Pikmin 4 is already available online (it is possible to transfer the save file), and before the full version of the game comes out, some players are wondering how much space the game will take up on the Switch’s internal memory or microSD card if they decide to go for the digital edition. Let’s find out how big Pikmin 4 is in our file size guide.

What is the Download Size of Pikmin 4?

If you scroll down on the official Pikmin 4 page on the Nintendo Online Store page (it’s a long one) you will see the basic information for the game that includes the release date of July 21 and the game file size of 10.4 GB!

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Some fans are worried about this size because they are not sure how much content this sequel will have with only around 10GB. However, for the Nintendo Switch title, this is completely fine, even ranking among the bigger games for the system. For the sake of comparison, Pikmin 3 Deluxe Edition occupied only 6.5GB and we know that the game was full of content, or how about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom whose file size is 14.4 GB? When we take all that into account, it seems that Pikmin 4 will be the big game!

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Nintendo sure knows how to optimize their games well; even though Pikmin 4 will run on Unreal Engine, a first for a Nintendo first-party title – they still managed to control the size of the game, which is commendable.

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