How to Bathe in Red Dead Online

Learn how to bathe in Red Dead Online so you can keep your cowboy clean and the flies away.

Taking a bath to keep yourself clean was one of those small touches that really helped bring Arthur Morgan’s story to life in Red Dead. Not only did people in the world care about Morgan’s personal hygiene, but it also changed the way that the character model itself appeared, creating a more immersive experience over all. Now that the online portion has released, many players are wondering how to take a bath in Red Dead Online, or even if it’s possible to bathe in Red Dead Online.

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How to Bathe in Red Dead Online

Unfortunately, unlike the single player, hygiene is not that big of a deal in Red Dead Online. Because of this, the hotels and locations that you would normally visit in Red Dead Redemption 2’s story to clean Morgan up are not available to you in Red Dead Online.

This means you aren’t able to take a bath and clean yourself up, at least not by normal means. There are, of course, still a couple of lifehacks (if you will) that you can do to clean up your character and get back to looking clean and proper.

The first way to clean yourself up is by far the easiest and that is simply changing your clothes. You can take care of this from a multitude of places including some General Stores, Tailors, your Camp and even by changing your outfit from your horse. This will clean up your character quite easily and quickly, allowing you to go back to pretending to be a prim and proper member of society.

Of course, that’s not the only way to clean yourself up. In fact, there are a couple of ways you can do so, but they aren’t nearly as civilized.

If you’re lucky and you happy to find yourself in one of Red Dead Online’s beautiful—and somewhat terrifying—thunderstorms, then consider yourself cleaned up as the rain will wash away all of the mud, muck and blood that you’ve accumulated on your clothing during your travels.

Or, if you don’t feel like waiting around for one of those outstanding rainstorms, you can also find yourself the nearest river, creek, or waterfall and take a nice swim.

While there isn’t an actual option to bathe your character in Red Dead Online, there are still plenty of ways to keep yourself looking nice and clean. Now that you know how to clean yourself up, make sure you also check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for more helpful pointers, strategies and tips to assist you in your journey across the dangerous lands of the wild west.

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