How to Avoid Ghost of Tsushima Fall Damage

Jin can't survive many drops in Ghost of Tsushima. But there are ways around that.

Ghost of Tsushima protagonist Jin Sakai is a pretty exceptional human being. He can survive a whole lot of punishment, and thanks to his burning fighting spirit and Resolve can even leap back from the jaws of death. But when it comes to gravity, Jin has worse ups than Mario in the original Donkey Kong. His knees are about as sturdy as my launch PS4 sounds as it’s trying to run this game. That said, there are a couple ways around the extremely lethal Ghost of Tsushima fall damage. One of them is deliberate, one of them is incidental, and one of them is for speedrunners and could be patched out at any minute.

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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Avoid Fall Damage

First, let’s cover the “correct” way to get around fall damage. It isn’t totally infallible, but under the Evolving Tactics tree in the Ghost techniques menu you can spend a point on Safe Landing. Once you have that you can press Circle to tuck and roll to land safely through “all but the highest of falls.” It’s definitely a good idea to grab Safe Landing early, because Ghost of Tsushima is full of dicey, mountain terrain.

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The second way to get around fall damage is… ethically dubious to say the least. Your trusty horse, which sticks with you through thick and thin from the beginning, has much better knees than our boy Jin. This horse is normally finicky about making dangerous leaps of faith, but this is a video game and video games are not stable. It won’t always work but if you gallop a reasonable distance from a deep ledge, your faithful companion will leap against its best interest and totally eat manure on landing. Your horse crashes to the Earth and sends Jin flying off his saddle. But since the Horse is a static presence, it gets right back up as if nothing happened despite its cries of pain. Jin also comes away from the spill unscathed. It’s cruel, but effective when you need it.

Finally, the speedrunning community being what it is, has discovered the beginnings of a glitch to potentially kick fall damage aside for glitch runs. As we can see from footage via a Reddit post, there’s something about opening photo mode that can interfere with Ghost of Tsushima fall damage calculations. In the video, we see the player leap to his death off a huge ledge, then activate photo mode the second Jin scrubs the a rock with his face. The screen turns red to dole out damage, but after snapping out of photo mode Jin survives the fall without a scratch. We included this one for fun, but are curious to see if this glitch lives to see a Games Done Quick stream or if Sucker Punch patches it out.

That’s all for our Ghost of Tsushima fall damage guide. For more on Sony’s latest (and probably final!) first-party PS4 exclusive, feel free to browse our other guides at the links below:

Have you found any other ways to circumvent deadly falls? Any other glitches that the speedrunning community would love to see? Hit us up on the Twitter and Facebook channels!


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