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Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Get a Mount, Override Machines

by Josh Hawkins

Horizon Zero Dawn’s world is massive, and players will run into a ton of mechanic creatures along the way. Thanks to a spiffy device found early in the game, players can override machines and even mount some of them like horses. In this article we’ll teach players everything they need to know about overriding machines in Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as offer additional information on how to get their first mount.

How to Override Machines

Overriding machines is an important tactic in Horizon Zero Dawn because it allows players to create additional allies for Aloy. It also allows them to override specific machines, which can then be used as mounts to increase travel speed. Before players can start overriding machines, though, they will need to complete the machine The Womb of the Mountain, most notable the task that charges them with killing the “Demon” and the Corrupted Machines that invade the village of Mother’s Watch.

Once players have defeated the Corrupter, they will obtain the Override Device, which allows them to override machines and put them under their control. For machines like Watchers and Sawtooths, this item will only put them under the player’s control for a short while. Once the control wears off, the machine will once more become an enemy and players will have to deal with it accordingly.

Overriding the various machines in Horizon Zero Dawn is quite easy. All that players will need to do is sneak up next to the machine and hold Triangle. This will override the machine, allowing the player to have control of it. If players override machines like Chargers, Striders, and Broadheads they can then mount those creatures and use them as steeds to increase their travel speed. Other machines, like Watchers and Sawtooths can be overridden to help take down large groups of enemies. Just beware of the timer that counts down slowly until they return to normal.

How to Override More Machines

When players first obtain the Override Device, they have a small window of machines that they can override. To override more of these machines they will need to find Cauldrons, which we’ll go over more in-depth at a later time. Basically, though, Cauldrons act like dungeons or tombs (from Tomb Raider). Players head into these areas and must explore them and take on a boss at the end of each one. Once the boss is defeated, they will be able to override a special machine which will allow them to override more robotic animals throughout the game world.

How to Get Mounts

Mounts can be obtained by overriding machines like Striders, Chargers, and Broadheads. Once overridden these creatures can be called to the player from anywhere in the world. But, if the player dies, the mount will vanish and they will need to override another robot to be their mount. This can later be remedied by unlocking the Call Mount+ skill, which is found in the Forager skill tree. Once you have this skill you can call a mount at any time. If you don’t currently have one, it will randomly spawn one for you.

That’s everything you need to know about mounts and overriding machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. We’ll have more on this game in the coming days, so check back often for updated information, details, and guides. For more help be sure to head over to our Horizon Zero Dawn guide.