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For Honor – How to Play the Warlord Class

by Prima Games Staff

In this For Honor article, you’ll prepare for brutal Viking assault with the Warlord class. This vicious warrior has truly mastered the art of battle by bringing great offense and defense to the battlegrounds. Since he is a master at the good fight, you’ll have to hone those combat skills in order to use him effectively, but don’t be discouraged! This hero can take a lot of hits.

Warlord Defense

The Warlord class excels in defense, and why wouldn’t they? Donning a large wooden shield and some hefty armor gives the warlord a significant advantage. Not only is their defense strong, but this class can handle a significant amount of damage while on the battlefield. With such great defense, you might not have to take any hits at all. Since the Warlord’s shield can be used to block from all angles, and even break an attack before it lands. This is a great trait for this warrior, since the Warlord is a bit slower in movement than some of the other classes, making his battles a bit more calculated. Try some of these combat tips to elevate your skills.

Warlord Offense

The Warlord’s offense is one of close range. Equipped with a gladius and a shield, this hero can use both to launch a barrage of strong attacks on their enemy. Since he’s an expert at battle, his fighting style relies on a strong defense and skillful counter-attacks. They also have a mean headbutt, that will break through even the strongest defense. These warriors are great at the front of battles in Dominion mode, since they can take a hit, defend for days, and dish out some good damage.

Warlord 1v1 Battle Approach

Since the Warlord class is so dynamic, they have no problem waltzing up to any enemy and starting a fight. Try starting with a headbutt to break your enemy’s defense, and then combo with a mix of light and heavy attacks. Since the Warlord is in a state of natural defense, use this to your advantage. If an enemy tries to attack, break their attack with your shield and counter it. You can continue this strategy until you’ve left your enemy for dead.

This guide is the perfect start to becoming a master at the Warlord class in For Honor, so make sure to use it when the game finally releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 14, 2017.

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