For Honor – How to Play the Peacekeeper Class

Master the Peacekeeper class in For Honor with our in-depth coverage.

For Honor players who enjoy a more tactical hero will benefit from this article covering how to play the Peacekeeper class. Quiet and nimble, the Peacekeeper can stealthy take out heroes before they know what hit them. Despite their agility, they require a bit more skill to master since their combat style is more versatile and very short range. This article covers the basic elements of the class and should be used by beginners, however, if you’re looking for a more complete breakdown of the class we’ve also got a more in-depth look at the Peacekeeper for advanced players.

Peacekeeper Defense

For the Peacekeeper, defense is of the ultimate importance, especially when facing off against heavy heroes that can quickly take them down. It’s important to note that this warrior’s style is based on lots of movement and sneaky attacks. While capturing areas in Dominion mode, evade enemy attacks by quickly stepping out of the way and sneakily slipping in a counter attack while doing it.

When blocking, this hero takes the same swift approach, so be prepared to master the art of evasion and deflection, since it is pivotal with the Peacekeeper class as deflecting attacks gives you a guaranteed followup attack. Keep in mind the Peacekeeper doesn’t have an active guard like many of the other classes. Instead, you must press the Right Analog Stick in the direction you wish to guard just before an attack makes contact. If you’re blocking a full chain of attacks, you will have to manually bock each attack in the chain.

Peacekeeper Offense

Offense for this warrior is like a tactical dance. The Peacekeeper can roll, dodge, and do some pretty fancy footwork while on the battlefield. Combine this agility with their dual-wielding of a short sword and dagger, and prepare to take down enemies in style. Utilize the dagger which will cause enemies to bleed and slowly drain their HP over time. You can add this bleeding effect to most of the Peacekeeper’s heavy attacks by tapping the light attack button immediately after the heavy attack connects.

The setback to this warrior is their weakness against heavy enemies and their short attack range. If hit by an enemy, roll or dodge, and attack them to get a one up over them in battle. You can use the Dashing Thrust to get in close, but the Peacekeeper doesn’t have many other attacks that cover a decent amount of distance.

Peacekeeper 1v1 Battle Approach

The best way for this warrior to start a battle, is by sneaking up on their opponent and initiating it or waiting for an opponent to attack and either dodging or deflecting. Once engaged in a one on one match, the Peacekeeper class can approach it in two ways. They can evade and execute quick attacks, circling around their enemy with flair or they can face the enemy head-on, making sure to block and deflect any attacks while actively countering.

For the more battle ready player, try combining both and effectively leave your enemies in a state of confusion about how they were taken out. Keep in mind, if you’re ready to take your Peacekeeper skills to the next level, check out our in-depth look at the Peacekeeper class. And if you’re looking to get better at combat in general, try some of these great For Honor combat tips.

Get a head start on the fronts with our coverage on the Peacekeeper class and be sure to check back for updates on the upcoming beta as we learn more.

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