Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.4 Livestream Banners, Codes & More

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Topaz and Guinaifen from Honkai: Star Rail
Image from Honkai: Star Rail YouTube 1.4 "Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream" Special Program

With Honkai: Star Rail’s livestream concluded, there’s lots to look forward to in the 1.4 update including a side story mission, highly anticipated characters, and a Pokemon Tournament sponsored by none other than the IPC in Belabog. 

Special Livestream Codes from Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 Update

  • JSPRZ272S9JB

Character Banners Upcoming for Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.4 Update

One of the most popular news about the next update is, of course, the banners! Coming in two phases, Jingliu of the High Cloud Quintent will be the first available character warp banner when Honkai: Star Rail updates to 1.4. 

First Half of Character Warp Banners in Honkai: Star Rail 1.4

Jingliu Banner for 1.4 in Honkai: Star Rail
Image via Honkai: Star Rail YouTube “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” Special Program

Jingliu is a Destruction character who uses the Ice element. Struck by Mara, she has two types of attacks where she will build up points for her Transcendence state and deal only Skill Damage instead of her Basic Attack. This will not use up Skill points but instead special points that are allocated to Jingliu herself thanks to her Transcendence state. Once these points are used up, she will return to being able to use her Basic Attack.

Alongside her banner, Tingyun, Qingque, and Sampo will also be available as possible four-stars that you may receive. Tingyun makes for a great Harmony character who boosts damage and restores energy for targeted characters, Qingque is a great Quantum DPS who is one of the few easily attainable Quantum characters around, and Sampo is a Nihility character who is great at applying Wind Shear to multiple enemies as well as increasing Damage over Time. 

Second Half of Character Warp Banners in Honkai: Star Rail 1.4

In the second half of Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.4 update, Topaz will be taking over the limited-time character warp banner. With her trusty sidekick and partner, Numby, Topaz is great at dealing a lot of damage to single target characters as a pathfinder of the Hunt and wields the Fire Element. Topaz shoots a target onto an enemy and Numby will continuously attack them each turn. When she uses her Ultimate, it’ll greatly increase the Crit Rate and Damage for Numby and they’ll have enhanced attacks during the next few turns. 

However, Topaz will not be the only Five-Star Character Banner featured in the second half of 1.4, Seele will be up for a rerun for the new Playstation players who are finally joining after numerous months. Seele is also a pathfinder of the Hunt but uses the Quantum Element to perform a lot of attacks and consuming turns before her team even has to worry about the enemy. She’s got great percentages to help her deal high damage and a special ability where she will be able to attack multiple times against single enemies, making her movement like a blur on the battlefield. 

For both Topaz and Seele’s banner, they will be joined by the four-star characters Guinaifen, Luka, and Sushang. Guinaifen is a new character who is a Nihility character with the Fire Element, she’s great at applying Fire DoT and extending the duration thanks to her Ultimate, similar to Sampo. Paired together with Kafka, Guinaifen is sure to be a fun unit to place in a Mono-Nihility team! Luka is also a Nihility character but uses the Physical Element, which is great at placing the DoT effect Bleed. By weakening up the enemies, Luka’s ultimate will help knock them out of the ring and down for the count. Last not but least, we have Sushang who is a great Physical Hunt character who deals a lot of damage with her Skill and Burst, giving her another turn in the battle so she can give the enemy one more wallop before her party’s next move. 

Light Cone Banners Upcoming for Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.4 Update

Because there will be three Five-Star characters in Honkai: Star Rail 1.4, the Light Cone Banner will be a point of contention among players who know how HoYoverse can be with their weapon banners. But never fear! Each Light Cone belonging to the Five-Star characters Topaz, Jingliu, and Seele will have their own Event Light Cone Warp Banner. They will be separated so you don’t have to worry about winning one Light cone over another except for the standard rates of 75/25 that already exist in the current Five-Star Light Cone Warp.

Light Cone Banners for 1.4 in Honkai: Star Rail
Image via Honkai: Star Rail YouTube “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” Special Program

Stories and Events Coming to Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.4 Update

Trailblaze Continuance "Future Market" Story in Honkai: Star Rail
Image via Honkai: Star Rail YouTube “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” Special Program

Trailblaze Continuance “Future Market”

The overall story for Honkai: Star Rail is called the Trailblaze Mission, however, if you remember from the last mission, our next journey was meant to take us to Penacony. Trailblaze Continuance will be our first Side Story to the Main Quest that takes us back to Belabog on Jarilo-VI. Bronya appears to be in the midst of a lot of stress for an upcoming Solwarm festival and tension is made no better when none other than the IPC decides to give a visit to the long-abandoned planet now that it’s finally back online with the universe.

Aetherium Wars

Enter in Honkai: Star Rail’s very own Pokemon Tournament where players will be able to collect all types of enemies to put together a team so that they can enter a competition and fight it out for a grand prize from the IPC! Not only will we be able to see quite a few other characters who will also be entering the fight, but we will also be granted a special prize called the Fateful Crossings! This will allow for players to automatically invite one of the following characters to their party roster, Serval, Pela, Luka, or Hook!

Aetherium Wars Event in Honkai: Star Rail
Image via Honkai: Star Rail YouTube “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” Special Program

Planar Infinity

Another Simulated Universe event will be gracing us so soon after Swarm Disaster made Dan Heng IL and Fu Xuan a must-pull. Planar Infinity though will take on a more traditional rogue-like theme where players will take on enemies’ level by level that get steadily stronger and have the ability to power up not only the Blessings to an even stronger percentage but also the Curios as well. 

Gift of Odyssey

With a new patch comes a new batch of Special Star Rail Passes that players can get for free over the course of seven days. If you miss out on a day, don’t worry, you can come back the next day and still collect your Star Rail Pass. Altogether, they amass 10 Special Star Rail Passes for a free 10-pull for all players!

Planar Fissure

Double rewards will also be returning at some point during the 1.4 update for the Simulated Universe so players will be able to gain twice as much Planar Ornaments for a total of 12 transactions within the SU.

Realm of the Strange

Realm of the Strange is an event like Planar Fissure which will double the amount of Relics you can get when claiming your rewards at the end of victory at Caverns of Corrosions. This can help you get lots of relics and hopefully, the Five-Star with that main stat you’ve been needing after weeks of grinding.

What Else to Look Forward to in Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.4 Update

New Boss for Topaz and Guinaifen

While Jingliu won’t have a new boss, Topaz and Guinaifen will. The new boss will be Shape of Scorch, a Searing Prowler who will drop Searing Steel Blades that can help with the ascension of Fire-type characters. 

Companion Missions

Jingliu Companion Mission Clouds Leave No Trace in Honkai: Star Rail
Image via Honkai: Star Rail YouTube “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” Special Program

For the 1.4 update, we will only see one new companion mission after being bombarded by previous patches. Jingliu will have her own Companion Mission that will become available alongside her banner called “Clouds Leave No Trace” where we see her properly return to the Xianzhou and confront the former members and remnants of the High Cloud Quintent she had previously been a part of.

Story Replay

Hoyoverse really does just take the wishes of players from its sister games to implement into Honkai: Star Rail. Sure enough, players will be able to replay previous Trailblaze Missions to once again relive the story that we’ve played thus far. You won’t be able to change previous decisions from the past, however, so continue to be careful about what decisions you make when playing the current version of the story!

Shorter Patch

Last but not least, 1.4 is reportedly going to be shorter than the previous patches. Instead of taking six weeks, Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 will only take five weeks. Whether we will see a cut to one of the banners or see it divided and have a shorter time, we have yet to see.

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