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Hitman: Private Meeting, Get the Mr. Norfolk Disguise

by Prima Games Staff

The Private Meeting Challenge can be quite a doozy to get through, but if you can get your hands on the Mr. Norfolk disguise it’s not as bad as it looks. Check out the steps below and you’ll be able to get it done.

The mission is part of Freeform Training where you’ll have 13 Feats that can be completed. While this guide doesn’t walk you through all of them, it will assist you with the Private Meeting, and get you one step closer to becoming an approved Hitman.

Onto the Meeting

When you start, check the crate in front of you for some items including Coins. Grab all of these items and make your way to the left where you’ll see a barrier. This will let you get a good look at the yacht, as well as the place where you can hop aboard. Mr. Norfolk will be nearby kneeling in front of his car.

Use your Coin and toss it between the car and the rear section of the map so that he walks away a little bit. Once he begins to investigate head to the back and throw another coin to distract him again. If you do this correctly he’ll end up behind the tall barriers at the rear end of the level. This will allow you to knock him out (or kill him) and take his disguise. This is considered the big disguise for the stage allowing you to access all areas of the ship without anyone trying to stop you (unlike other disguises, such as maintenance).

Once you have it, go aboard the yacht (the guards won’t stop you) and take a good look around. You can check out all the areas now, including going to Deck 00 and getting the Rat Poison to earn the Store Securely Feat. There’s a guard standing near a generator. If you manage to shut off the generator he’ll go check on it, which will unlock the Over Here… Feat.

After you’re done, use your Instinct button to find Kalvin Ritter. He’s got a bodyguard with him, but no matter. Head over, chat with him, and then follow him into the office. Once you’re in there you’ll unlock the Private Meeting Feat, and you can kill him with Fiber Wire as he turns on his computer, unlocking the Classic Hitman Feat. From there, put his body into the back room right behind you. This will unlock one more Feat, The Cleaner.

Once he’s packed away, go back to where you started before using your disguise. Press the button once you get to it at your starting point, and you’ll be set to go on to your Final Test. Or, you can re-enter the mission and complete more Feats. That’s it!

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