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Hitman: Episode 4 – Take My Breath Away Assassination Challenge

by Prima Games Staff

Hitman: Episode 4 takes Agent 47 all the way to sunny Bangkok, where he has been tasked with taking out two new targets, Jordan Cross and Ken Morgan in the assassination challenge, Take My Breath Away. Set within the confines of a beautiful and illustrious hotel, Agent 47 will have to use all his skills to sneak into the high-profile hotel and take his targets out. Loaded with additional assassination challenges, opportunities, and more, this episode gives fans new ways to take out their targets. This guide will walk you through completing the Take My Breath Away assassination challenge.

The Set Up

To pull off this assassination challenge, you’re going to need to unlock a few things. First, make sure you have Agent 47’s suite unlocked and available, as you’re going to need to smuggle in your sniper rifle via this location. Second, make sure you have the Jaeger 7 “Tiger” set up to be smuggled into 47’s Suite.

From here you can either start in 47’s Suite, or you can start in the Garden area, where you’ll already be in a soldier’s uniform. Either way you choose to go, your goal is simple. Grab the gun and make your way up to the Penthouse, where you’ll be able to get a solid view into the other side of the hotel, where Jordan Cross can be seen for a few moments as he walks around. This will be your chance to take him down and complete the Take My Breath Away challenge.

Jump In

From your starting point, make your way up to Agent 47’s Suite. If you’re starting in the garden area, just grab the gun, and then make your way up to the penthouse. If you’re trying to do things Suit Only, or just not interested in grabbing a soldier’s outfit, you can simply grab the gun from the suite, head to the window, and jump out, hanging over the railing on the balcony outside.

Ledge – crawl to the nearby gutter pipe and climb up a floor, careful not to let anyone see you on your way up. Once inside, head into the kitchen to the right, and out the door to find yourself behind two guards at the top of a set of stairs.

Ignore the guards, instead heading to your left, where you will find yourself in the Penthouse suite. Watch out for hotel staff members, as you make your way through the penthouse to the right-hand side of the area. There should be a large piano here that you can easily hide behind. Wait there for the hotel staff member looking out the first window to walk away. This is your chance to strike. Make sure nobody else is looking at that window, and then make your way to it and pull out the sniper rifle.

Now all you have to do is wait for Jordan Cross to line up with your shot. Use your Instinct to keep an eye on him, and once he starts to come into view, zoom in with your sniper rifle and line up your shot. Take the shot as quickly as possible to take him down, and complete this assassination challenge.

Alternatively, you can also shoot Ken Morgan on your way up to the Penthouse to take our Jordan Cross. When you first exit Agent 47’s Suite, look to your right, and zoom in the sniper rifle. You should spot Ken Morgan looking out over the water. Give him a nice bullet to the back of the head to bring him down, and then head on up to take our Jordan Cross. Of course this will alert the guards to your presence, which means you’ll need to be more alert about their locations as you move through the hotel.

With both Ken Morgan and Jordan Cross out of the picture, you can head out of the hotel, and back down to the boat below. Just be sure to leave the sniper rifle somewhere in the hotel, preferably where it can’t be found. If you try to walk out with it on your back, then be aware that you’ll be seen as a threat, and most likely be taken out. That isn’t a fun way to go.

This will complete the Take my Breath Away assassination challenge, as well as the Suit Only challenge. Taking out both Ken Morgan and Jordan Cross with the sniper rifle will also net you the Sniper Assassin challenge, allowing you to knock several birds out with one simple, well placed stone.

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