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Hitman Elusive Target 15 – Angel of Death

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will show players how to kill Elusive Target #15 in Hitman, known as the Angel of Death, Etta Davis. This walkthrough will provide players with instructions on how to get the Silent Assassin, Suit Only assassination challenge using the default starting location and load out.

Target: Angel of Death (Etta Davis)

Begin by spawning at the Bazaar Entrance, the default location. Make sure you have your ICA19, the default Concealed Weapon. When you can move, go forward and turn left, heading toward the Old Headmaster’s Terrace. This is where your target, the Angel of Death is located, but we won’t be going after her just yet.

Before you get to the ground floor entrance of the Old Headmaster’s Terrace, there will be an alcove across the street. Look for a Wrench on the ground, pick it up and then head to the southeast corner of the building that has the Lamp Store. This corner has a Scooter on it, and you can use your Wrench to take advantage of the Create Oil Leak option. You must time it correctly, otherwise someone will see you. You should have a very small window of opportunity, however.

Head south and use the pipe near the exit to climb up to the West Bazaar Rooftops. You don’t need a Smuggled Item here, but it will provide you with the perfect vantage point to kill the Angel of Death, Etta Davis. Get your ICA19 out and make sure you have a clear shot at the oil leak at the base of the Scooter.

The unfortunate part of this Elusive Target is that you must wait about 12 minutes for the Angel of Death to walk past the Scooter from the time the mission begins. To be precise, we had it timed out to 11 minutes and 58 seconds, but you’ll want to start paying close attention early on in case there is a variation in the timing or pathing of Etta Davis.

Etta Davis, the Angel of Death, will walk directly past this Scooter. The moment she does, use your ICA19 to shoot the oil leak that you’ve created. This will cause a fiery explosion, killing your target in what her guards will feel was an accident. Because it’s an accident, there is nobody to blame for the death and you will not be penalized for the body being found.

To complete Elusive Target #15 in Hitman, leave the West Bazaar Rooftops the same way you arrived. Once you slide down the pipe, you’ll be directly in front of an exit and can utilize this to complete your mission of killing the Angel of Death, Etta Davis.

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