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Hitman 2 – Mumbai: Chasing a Ghost – Silent Assassin, Suit Only

by Larryn Bell

There are various ways to accomplish the many challenges that Hitman 2 throws your way. For the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenges, players will sometimes need to come prepared if they are hoping to complete the mission without a hitch. In this guide, we will explain the steps for achieving Silent Assassin, Suit Only in the Chasing a Ghost mission in Mumbai, the fourth mission in Hitman 2. Credit goes out to MrFreeeze2244 on YouTube for outlining the steps in this walkthrough.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only – Mumbai

Before you delve into the Mumbai mission in Hitman 2 to attempt Silent Assassin, Suit Only, a few preparations are in order that will help you pull off the challenge more smoothly. If you’ve achieved Mastery Level 2 on the Miami mission, make sure to equip the lockpick to your gear slot before heading to Mumbai. You will also want to pick Main Street as your starting location.

When the mission begins, head up the street and hang a right into the alleyway. Go up the stairs on the left and continue up to the floor where the sniper tripod is located. Adjust the scope on the sniper rifle, then head back downstairs.

Target #1 – Find the Maelstrom

The first target you’re going to go for in this mission is the Maelstrom, who will look a bit different each time. When you reach the street level, head down the street to the right. Go past the large tree in the middle of the market area and take a left turn down a narrow path that leads to a short footbridge. 

Just before the bridge, look for a car battery tucked behind a cart. Your goal is to throw the battery at the Maelstrom, causing them to fall into the puddle on the ground beside the bridge. This will result in their electrocution, which will count as an accidental death. 

Wait in the spot where you found the car battery. The Maelstrom will come walking past the empty gas tanks next to you. When he does, lob the car battery at his head to knock him down and get electrocuted in the puddle.

Target #2 – Vanya Shah 

Eliminating the next target will require proper timing. Make your way toward the train tracks and look for a green shipping container with a locked door. Use your lockpick to unlock the door and head inside. This will allow you to sneak past two people on the left. Crouch into the foliage and continue along the train track, avoiding the security cameras above. 

Not to far from the first shipping container is another one with a locked door for you to pick. Unlock the door to go through the container, then climb through the window on the right. Sneak past the guard sitting in the train car ahead to reach the door on the other side. 

As you hop down from the train car, you’ll find the second target, Vanya Shah, washing her face in a dimly lit bath. Sneak up from behind and drown her in the bath.

Target #3 – Dawood Rangan

For this next part, you won’t have to kill the target directly. You will, however, need to put a few things into motion. 

To reach the final target for your Silent Assassin, Suit Only run, return the way you came to reach the outside. Continue along the train tracks, using the foliage for concealment.  Sneak around to the back side of the bright yellow staircase and go across a small wooden footbridge underneath. When you reach the laundry area, go down the steps to the left and come back up on the opposite side, making sure not to get spotted by the guards at the top. 

Pass through the laundry area and make your way back to the main street where you started. Go up the street that has a large red bus parked on the side and climb over the wall on the left. There should be a small opening at the top of the wall for you to climb through.

Ascend the large lit staircase ahead. Activate your instincts to view the laser grid on the floor from the security camera above the door, then sneak past the person in the doorway ahead. Go up the stairs on the right. 

At the top, enter the door labeled with a sign that says Canteen. Enter the door on the left, then go through the door on the right, staying crouched the entire way. Upon entering the last door, look on top the crate for a tube of paint. Take the paint and return through the doors the way you came.

Locate the elevator shaft at the top of the stairs. Climb up the pipe inside the elevator shaft to reach one floor above. Hop out the window with the carpet hanging over it and be prepared to grab the ledge. Walk carefully along the ledge to the left to reach a room where a painter is speaking with a guard. 

When the painter and guard walk away from one another, climb through the window and place the tube of paint in the paint box behind the purple couch where the guard is sitting. Now all you have to do is head back down to the main level and wait for the final target to be eliminated by the other sniper. 

Slide down the beam in the elevator shaft to reach the bottom floor. Sneak back out to the staircase at the front of the building, using your instincts to avoid the cameras and guards. Climb back over the wall to leave the trespassing zone. At this point, simply wait for the final target to be eliminated, then make your way to the taxi to exit the mission. 

If you did everything we said above, then you should have completed the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge for the Mumbai mission in Hitman 2. Check out our other Silent Assassin, Suit Only guides for the Hawke’s Bay, Miami, and Santa Fortuna missions in Hitman 2 if you haven’t done so already.

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