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Here’s How to Play Final Fantasy XIV’s PS5 Open Beta

by Lucas White

Back when the next expansion, Endwalker, was announced for Final Fantasy XIV, a PS5 version open beta was also announced. Originally released for PC and PS3, it stands to reckon that a new gen client can’t launch alongside the console. But anyone with a PS5 will be able to give it a whirl starting April 13, 2021. Now, in a news post from the official site, instructions and details on the launch and participation are available.

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In order to participate, you’ll have to do the awkward PS4/PS5 version thing. If you have Final Fantasy XIV digitally, you’ll be able to choose the open beta like you would swapping versions in other games, in the Game Library. If you have a physical disc only, you’ll have to go to the PlayStation Store first, where you’ll have to do the same thing with the Options button.

If you’ve never touched the game before and want to give it a try, you’ll want to choose the “Free Trial” option in the PlayStation Store first. You’ll be able to select the PS5 version using that launcher as well. Regardless of your access method, the PS5 version contains the same content as any other, so you’ll be able to set up an account or log in with your standing one like normal.

Final Fantasy XIV’s PS5 version is stated in the marketing to have “lightning-fast loading times, greatly increased frame rates, true 4K resolution, 3D audio and haptic feedback.” All the PS5 buzzwords, more or less. 

The open beta will be available after the 5.5 patch launches, so there isn’t a specified time window. The final PS5 release will launch “immediately” after the testing phase, and you won’t have to download a new client. That said, when that testing phase ends is not set as the team is basing that decision on how the test goes.

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