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Hearthstone Tip of the Day: How to Use Divine Shield

by Prima Games Staff

At the end of the day, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is an easy game, yes? Simply play better cards than your opponent to guarantee a victory. OK, so that’s somewhat difficult, but at least we’re here with another Hearthstone tip. Next, how to guard against and use Divine Shield to your advantage.

When a minion has divine shield, it will ignore the first instance of damage done to it. This counts both against attacks from heroes and other minions, as well as spells that do damage. 

A couple of easy ways to get around divine shield are to burn a weak spell that does little damage (e.g. Moonfire), or to attack with minions that only do one damage (though the former is preferable). A great combo to use with divine shield is giving it to one minion with taunt. This will either force the opponent to attack the shielded creature two or more times to kill it — damaging or killing its own units in the process — or wasting powerful removal spells on relatively weak creatures. 

For the record, divine shield does not protect from removal spells that don’t deal damage directly, like Execute and Assassinate.

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