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Hearthstone Tip of the Day: How to Use Battlecry

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve had a blast playing Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a collectable card game based on the WoW universe. Naturally, we’re here to provide valuable strategies to help you defeat the many opponents in the game. For today’s tip, we cover the importance of using Battlecry.

A minion with a battlecry will resolve its card text as soon as it’s played on the field. This keyword is specific to minions. 

Brewmaster minions are useful to have in almost any deck because of their battlecry, which returns an allied minion to your hand. This can be used to return and summon damaged minions for full health, or to get a double-shot of another minion’s battlecry. Vanish, a rogue-specific spell, has the same effect as a Brewmaster, but does so for every minion on the field.  

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