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Hearthstone Tip of the Day: How to Earn Gold and Dust

by Prima Games Staff

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has two currencies, gold and dust. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay real money for either one. In fact, there’s no way to spend cash on either one. Gold fuels the economy. Players use it to purchase five-card booster packs, and more importantly, entry into The Arena. Dust, meanwihile, is a whole other matter.  

How do I earn gold and dust Hearthstone? 

The most common way to earn gold is by winning three online matches in any mode, but completing a daily quest and opening Arena prizes (more on that in the next section) can earn much, much more.  

Dust is more specialized. Just like in World of Warcraft, you earn it chiefly by sacrificing your own items — in this case, cards. Then you can use what you’ve earned to craft most of the cards in the game (though not all). For now, there is no trading or secondary market in Hearthstone. There’s no reason to hang onto more than two copies of a card, making triples (constructed decks can hold no more than two copies of a card) an easy target for disenchantment.  

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