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Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas – Warlock Class Challenge

by Bryan Dawson

If you’ve made it to the class challenges in the Military Quarter of the Curse of Naxxramas Hearthstone expansion, it means you already defeated Instructor Razuvious, Gothik the Harvester and The Four Horsemen. The two class challenges in the Military Quarter include Shaman and Warlock. If you haven’t already read up on how to win the Shaman class challenge, you can check out our tips article on the battle. This article will discuss the Warlock class challenge.

As a Warlock, you must play with a pre-arranged deck that consists of specific cards you have no control over. You will use this deck to engage in battle against The Four Horsemen. Winning this match allows you to obtain two Voidcaller cards, which is a four-mana, 3/4 minion with a Deathrattle that puts a random Demon from your hand into the battlefield.

Your Warlock deck includes the following cards:

Card Mana Attack/Health Stats Quantity
Bane of Doom  5 N/A Deal two damage to a character. If it kills it, summon a random Demon. 1
Demonfire  2 N/A Deal two damage to a minion. If it’s a friendly Demon, give it +2/2 instead. 2
Doomguard  5 5/7 Charge. Battlecry: Discard two random cards. 2
Drain Life  3 N/A Deal two damage. Restore two health to your hero. 2
Dread Infernal  6 6/6 Battlecry: Deal one damage to all other characters. 2
Felguard  3 3/5 Taunt. Battlecry: Destroy one of your Mana Crystals. 2
Illidan Stormrage  6 7/5 Whenever you play a card, summon a 2/1 Flame of Azzinoth. 1
Imp Master  3 1/5 At the end of your turn, deal one damage to this minion and summon a 1/1 Imp. 2
Lord Jaraxxus  9 3/15 Battlecry: Destroy your hero and replace him with Lord Jaraxxus. 1
Sacrificial Pact  0 N/A Destroy a Demon. Restore five health to your hero. 1
Sense Demons  3 N/A Put two random Demons from your deck into your hand. 2
Shadow Bolt  3 N/A Deal four damage to a minion. 1
Soulfire  0 N/A Deal four damage. Discard a random card. 1
Unstable Ghoul  2 1/3 Taunt. Deathrattle: Deal one damage to all minions. 2
Voidcaller  4 3/4 Deathrattle: Put a random Demon from your into the battlefield. 6
Voidwalker  1 1/3 Taunt 2

One of the first things you may notice about this deck is that it consists of six Voidcaller cards. In addition, of the 20 minion cards in this deck, only four are not Demons. The remaining 10 cards are all spells. Because of this, it’s very common to draw a Voidcaller, and when the Voidcaller dies, it’s not out of the question to get another Voidcaller.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a good series of minions from the Voidcaller. If you’re not so lucky you’ll get Lord Jaraxxus early in the game, cutting your health drastically. What you get from the Voidcaller minions will have a fairly big impact on how this match plays out, but you do have a good number of spell cards that can be used for direct damage to the Horsemen minions and Baron Rivendare once the other Horsemen are down.

Facing off against the Four Horsemen means you need to destroy the three minions on the battlefield when the match starts. You cannot damage Baron Rivendare until you deal with Lady Blaumeux, Thane Korth’azz and Sir Zeliek. Each is a 1/7 minion, and Rivendare has multiple cards that can buff them up a bit.

You’re also going to have to deal with Rivendare’s Runeblade, which hits a minion for five damage, but hits your Warlock for double that. You have plenty of taunt cards to deal with this, so do your best to have one in play whenever the Runeblade is equipped (before he equips it if at all possible). You don’t have any way to silence or disable the immune properties of the Horsemen minions, so you need to take them out with your own minions or with spell cards before you can focus on Rivendare.

Keep a close eye on Prima Games for more tips and strategies to get through the Curse of Naxxramas!

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