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Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas – Priest Class Challenge Tips

by Bryan Dawson

The class challenges in the Construct Quarter of Curse of Naxxramas are a mixed bag. The Priest challenge gives you everything you need to win this match, while the Warrior challenge can be extremely difficult if you don’t draw a great hand. Both challenges become available after defeating the normal versions of Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth and Thaddius. Let’s take a look at the Priest challenge, or you can head over to our Warrior challenge tips if you prefer to start there.

All class changes in this Hearthstone solos adventure provide you with a pre-determined deck that cannot be modified. In most cases the deck has a very specific battle strategy, and this Priest deck does not vary from that plan. Here are the cards included in your Priest deck as you battle against Thaddius:

Card Mana Attack/Health Stats Quantity
Auchenai Soulpriest 4 3/5 Your cards and powers that restore health now deal damage instead. 2
Cabal Shadow Priest 6 4/5 Battlecry: Take control of an enemy minion that has two or less attack. 2
Crazed Alchemist 2 2/2 Battlecry: Swap the attack and health of a minion. 2
Dark Cultist 3 3/4 Deathrattle: Give a friendly minion +3 health. 2
Deathlord 3 2/8 Taunt. Deathrattle: Your opponent puts a minion from their deck into the battlefield. 2
Divine Spirit 2 N/A Double a minion’s health. 2
Inner Fire 1 N/A Change a minion’s attack to be equal to its health. 2
Lightspawn 4 0/5 This minion’s attack is always equal to its health. 2
Maexxna 6 2/8 Destroy any minion damaged by this minion. 1
Mindgames 4 N/A Put a copy of a random minion from your opponent’s deck into the battlefield. 2
Nerubian Egg 2 0/2 Deathrattle: Summon a 4/4 Nerubian. 3
Power Word: Shield 1 N/A Give a minion +2 health. Draw a card. 2
Prophet Velen 7 7/7 Double the damage and healing of your spells and hero power. 1
Shadow Madness 4 N/A Gain control of an enemy minion with three or less attack until the end of the turn. 1
Temple Enforcer 6 6/6 Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +3 health. 2
Zombie Chow 1 2/3 Deathrattle: Restore five health to the enemy hero. 2

Priest was already the recommended hero for the normal battle against Thaddius, and this class challenge gives you all the cards you need to use virtually the same strategy. When he uses his hero power, Thaddius swaps the attack and health of every minion on the board. This causes any minions with zero attack to instantly die. Luckily, the only minions in your deck with zero health are the three Nerubian Eggs, which turn into 4/4 Nerubians upon death. Play these cards as soon as you can to get the 4/4 minion on your next turn.

Buffing the health of your minions before Thaddius uses his hero power is also extremely beneficial in this match. Your deck includes several cards that can do this, including Temple Enforcer, Dark Cultist and Power Word: Shield. Be mindful of which minion you target with these cards, as you want to make sure they haven’t been hit by the hero power before you buff them.

Minions with an attack equal to their health are not impacted by the hero power and therefore work well in this battle. For your Priest deck, those cards are Prophet Velen, Crazed Alchemist, Lightspawn and Temple Enforcer (as well as the Nerubian that spawns once the Nerubian Egg is killed). Use these cards when you can (making use of their abilities when applicable), since you don’t have to worry about the hero power.

Save Maexxna to take out the larger health minion before Thaddius uses his hero power on them. If that’s not possible, examine each situation to determine when you should take out his minions. In some cases it’s more beneficial to wait for the hero power to take down one of his minions, while in other situations, it’s better to take a minion out as soon as possible.

The minions in your deck, coupled with the health buffing cards can create some devastating minions for you. You don’t want to lose them by attacking a minion with eight attack after Thaddius uses his hero power. Your only taunt cards are the two Deathlords, and it’s best to use Inner Fire on them to make sure they stick around a bit longer. However, if you’re in a situation against some heavy-hitting minions, toss out the Deathlord to save yourself some grief.

Overall, this isn’t a difficult battle so long as you properly buff your minions to create big damage on Thaddius. Once Thaddius is defeated you will earn two Dark Cultist cards. These cards go very well with most Priest decks and are especially good if you haven’t obtained many of the rare or epic Priest cards.

Stick with Prima Games as we continue to provide strategies for all five wings of the Curse of Naxxramas expansion!

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