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Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas – How to Beat Gluth

by Bryan Dawson

The Construct Quarter of the Hearthstone solo adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, features four bosses instead of the normal set of three in the previous Quarters. First you must defeat Patchwerk, then Grobbulus. Once those two are down you can take on Gluth, then finally Thaddius. Patchwerk was a unique fight compared to most other boss battles, and Gluth falls into a similar category.

There are two main concerns when it comes to the battle against Gluth. The first is Gluth’s hero power, which reduces all minions to one health. This makes minions with high health (or health above one) far less useful, as Gluth uses his hero power as often as he can. Minions with Divine Shield such as Scarlet Crusader work well because they can withstand more than one attack. Scarlet Crusader is actually one of the best choices against Gluth because she already has one health (and a decent three attack) and comes equipped with Divine Shield.

The second concern is Gluth’s weapon, Jaws. It has one attack and five durability, but when a minion with Deathrattle dies, it gains two attack. Even if you silence a Deathrattle minion before killing it, Jaws will still get the buff. Of course, Gluth has plenty of Deathrattle minions, and his hero power makes it very easy to dispatch them to buff Jaws. He has four Jaws cards, and they only cost one mana, so expect to see it often, even if you use Acidic Swamp Ooze or Harrison Jones to remove it.

To make things a bit more difficult, Gluth has a bevy of taunt cards and can buff himself quite a bit with spell cards. Paladin works well against Gluth because his hero power summons a minion with one health, plus he has multiple ways to give minions Divine Shield. His board clear works well against Gluth because as soon as the boss uses his hero power, the two damage from Consecration will clear with ease.

A Freeze Mage deck also works well to combat Gluth. While previous Quarters succumbed to Zoolock Warlock decks, the Construct Quarter is weak against Freeze Mage decks. With a Freeze Mage deck, you can stop Gluth from attacking when Jaws is equipped. This is especially helpful if Jaws gets a few buffs. You can also freeze all of Gluth’s minions without inflicting any damage by using Frost Nova.

If you don’t want to use Mage or Paladin, fill your deck with minions that are low cost and don’t have much health, but decent attack. You should avoid Deathrattle minions, as Gluth has plenty to buff Jaws already. You don’t need to give Jaws any additional buffs. Gluth does use Zombie Chow, which has a Deathrattle effect that heals your hero (not Gluth) for five health. You’ll see this minion quite often, as Gluth has at least five in his deck.

Your primary strategy should be to wait out Jaws (or remove it), then take down any Deathrattle minions that remain in play. The longer you can avoid buffing Jaws, the easier this fight is. Zombie Chow minions will heal your hero, and as long as you don’t rely on high health minions to win the battle, Gluth doesn’t pose much of a threat (especially when Jaws is not equipped).

Defeating Gluth rewards you with a set of Zombie Chow cards. At first glance, this one-mana, 2/3 minion with a Deathrattle that heals the opposing hero for five points doesn’t look all that great. However, as the first card you play, it’s actually fairly effective. The opposing hero won’t take much damage that early in the game, and you’ll get a 2/3 minion on the board on your first turn. At the very least you can use it to clear out other minions.

Keep your eyes locked to Prima Games as we offer more Curse of Naxxramas tips and tricks in the coming weeks.

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