Get A Friend with Extra Rewards?


Early on in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players will befriend a character named Rowan. Players can level up their friendship with Rowan and other students throughout the game by giving the best answer to specific questions during side quests for each friend. Do you know what Rowan likes? Do you want to be his best friend and win extra rewards? Prima Games will sneak the answers to Rowan’s questions under your sleeves. 

Note that some friend interactions and side quests will cost coins. Always keep some coin on you so that you don’t miss out on these events. Check out our Friendship Guide to learn more about how friendship works and how to level up each friend in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.


Best Friendship Answers for Rowan

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Level Up Rowan

Distract Rowan to Win at Gobstones

When you meet up with Rowan in the Courtyard, you will be given a side quest to play Gobstones with Rowan. Your goal is to win by selecting answers that distract Rowan within six turns. The most distracting answers will fill the Diamond meter and allow you to pass.

Rowan Question/Comment

Best Answer

Let’s play, [Player]!

What are your favorite books?

How do you like Gobstones?

Let’s talk about wand wood.

Let’s join the Gobstones Club.

Let’s bunk off school.

I can’t believe you might win.

The library burned down.

Discuss Your Vision with Rowan 

When you meet with Rowan in the Great Hall, you will have a chance to discuss your vision with Rowan during a side quest encounter. Give responses that reassure Rowan within six turns to pass the encounter with full Diamonds and level up your friendship with Rowan.

Rowan Question/Comment

Best Answer

Have you had visions before?

I’ve heard voices before.

Visions can be dangerous.

That’s why I need your help.

How can I help?

With knowledge and friendship.

Do you think it was a warning?

Or a clue. Maybe both…

Recruiting Rowan 

During the Recruiting Rowan friendship quest in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you will have six turns to convince Rowan to help you investigate. Giving the best answers will allow you to pass with Diamonds and will level up your friendship with Rowan.

Rowan Question/Comment

Best Answer

What if we get caught?

We won’t. We’ll be prepared.

What about Snape?

You’ll work out a brilliant plan.

Filch will give us detention.

Not if we stick together.

What about the Cursed Vaults?

We’ll break the curse.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Best Friendship Answers for Rowan Khanna

Now that you know the best answers to Rowan, you should be able to easily level up your friendship with Rowan and earn some free gems in the process. We will update this guide if we encounter any more Rowan friendship quests.

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