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Hammerhead Destiny 2 Guide: Black Armory and Volundr Forge

by Ginny Woo

If you’re still on that weapon-collecting grind in the lead-up to Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, then you’re in luck. We’re trying frantically to complete our Pinnacle weapon list that we put out not so long ago, but some weapons are definitely easier to get their hands on than others. Enter: the Black Armory. If you’re someone that’s trying to catch up on content before October 1, then you’ll likely want to crash through a bunch of the preliminaries like the Volundr Forge. Our Hammerhead Destiny 2 guide will help you pick up this machine gun and more.

Hammerhead Destiny 2 Guide: Accessing Volundr Forge

The only way to earn the Hammerhead Destiny 2 machine gun is to actually unlock Volundr Forge. To do any of the Black Armory content, you should be sitting comfortably at around 600 Light level so please keep that in mind before you embark on any ill-advised, Forge-related flights of fancy. We would also recommend pulling a team together to make everything go just that little bit quicker. 

You’ll have to complete the following steps in the Black Armory quest chain:

  • Picking it up from Spider in the Tangled Shore
  • Find a Weapon Core for Ada-1 and 25 Compound Ether in the EDZ
  • Get Power weapon multikills and Hive kills
  • Kill Powerful enemies with Power Weapons and get Radiant Seeds
  • Get a Radiant Machine Gun Frame from Ada-1

Hammerhead Destiny 2 Guide: Reclaiming Volundr Forge

Now, you’ll be up to cracking into the Volundr Forge and earning the Hammerhead Destiny 2 weapon. You’re going to have to make your way over there first, which will involve making the trek to the EDZ again and scouting out a place called Smidur’s Cavern. Inside, you should see some strange artifact suspended in mid-air, which is what you have to interfere with to kick things into motion. 

The floating furnace demands a sacrifice, and that sacrifice will come in the form of Radiant Batteries. How do you get these batteries? Well, it’s somewhere between running to the store and chainsawing people in terms of difficulty. Wait, wrong game. Sorry, what we mean to say is, you’re going to be hit by waves of enemies and you’ll have to kill the ones that are blue in order to get Radiant Batteries. Once you get a Battery, shotgun it into the furnace

Do this enough and then you’ll see some Powerful enemies spawning. Kill them and the boss that accompanies them and you’ll successfully reclaim the Forge and get the Hammerhead Destiny 2 Legendary machine gun as your reward. Ta da! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Now that you’ve got our guide in hand, sorting the wheat from the chaff in the Forge and picking up yet another sweet weapon should be a piece of cake. However, if your inquisitive mind still has questions, especially ones about the new Deathbringer Exotic coming with Shadowkeep, then our guide on that has answers.


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