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Hades – What do the Door Symbols Mean?

by Josh Hawkins

While you explore the dungeons of hell, you’ll come across various doors all with different symbols outlined along them. Every door symbol in Hades has a different meaning and will even give you a bit of a hint of what lies behind the door. To help you as you dive deeper into the game, we’ll go over the different symbols and what you should expect from the rooms beyond.

What Do the Door Symbols Mean in Hades?

There are several different symbols for players to become accustomed to in Hades. For example, if you see a door with the symbol of Darkness or Obol on it, then you can actually interact with that item and retrieve it as a reward once you have cleared that particular room.

Rooms with doors that include a Skeleton Key symbol hold a Skeleton Key, which players can earn if they manage to clear the next area of any enemies that are within.

If you want to earn more Obol for your troubles, look out for the door with the same symbol as the Obol. Clearing these areas will grant you a good bit of Obol for your troubles. Whereas, clearing the rooms whose doors are marked with the Centaur’s Heart will grant you more health for your health pool.

Each and every door symbol in Hades has a significant meaning. On top of the ones we’ve already mentioned, the Skeleton Bag marks Charon’s Shop, which is where you can spend some of your built-up currency to purchase new items for your journey through the dungeons of hell.

One other symbol to really keep an eye out for is a door with an exclamation point on it. This door leads to Sisyphus. Players can visit Sisyphus to receive a free gift of Darkness, Obol or even Health.

You can also find doors marked with the Boon symbol, which will bestow boons upon the player. However, you will need to complete a challenging fight to earn your reward, so keep that in mind whenever you head into these special areas.

Players can also look out for doors with the Ambrosia symbol on them. Entering these doors will require you to clear the area, at which point you will have the option of choosing to gift it to a God by pressing G on your keyboard. This will reward you with various Keepsakes, which you can equip to access additional bonuses.

Of course, there are other symbols on the doors in Hades, and we’ll update this article with more detail as we find out more about the various doors. Keep in mind that each door symbol has a very distinct purpose, and if you come across one that you don’t recognize, then you might want to explore it and see what it has to offer. For now, you can check out our other Hades guides to get more of an idea of what the game has to offer.


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