H1Z1: How To Win Battle Royale

It's time for you to become King of the Kill.

Becoming the top Battle Royale player in the King of the Kill mode in H1Z1 is no easy feat, as you have plenty of competition to overcome. These Battle Royale H1Z1 tips will put you on the road to domination!

Go to the Pre-Game Lobby

First, press Ctrl + M to you bring up the pre-game lobby. This will remove the in-game chatter that could drive you crazy, depending on what some players have going on in the background. Once that’s done, go ahead and take off your boots, as you won’t take that much damage from getting rid of your footwear. You’ll also make less noise this way, so you won’t easily give away your position.

Go ahead and get rid of headwear as well, namely your bandana and hat. By doing this, you’ll have the ability to create an extra Bandage to patch yourself up, and can also pick up a helmet rather quickly once the game begins. By ditching the hat, you’ll avoid having to go into the inventory to remove this and replace it with the helmet you find.

Getting the Happy Landing

When you begin and descend towards the ground, try and find a building or house away from the rest, and set up your character angled at the ground (near the structure) so you can quickly work your way down. By finding a shady spot, you’ll be able to pounce on other players and collect a weapon and/or some gear, and survive much better than running around in the open for the first five minutes of the match. It’s a smaller, stealth-like tactic, but you’ll survive longer.

Rev Up With a Ride

As you make your way to the round, try and track down a vehicle. Angle your landing towards the vehicle so you can hop in and drive off. You’ll find plenty of opportunity to loot on the way, so don’t worry about it, and gain some distance from other players in the process.

The vehicle helps quite a bit when it comes to survival, which is more the main goal than wiping out other players. You can escape from areas that fill up with trouble and competitive gamers, getting enough distance to find a hiding spot. Once the coast is clear, you can move into the safe zone with no trouble. By gaining access to a vehicle right off the bat, you’re closer at landing a top ten position in the match than you would on foot.

Get Your Guns

The three weapon slots you have are vital, as you want to make sure you have the best guns for the job – in this case, AR-15s and AK-47s. Go ahead and fill up these slots with a mix of these (they can even be the same weapon if you want). The goal is to have a steady stream of firearms that you can switch between without the need to reload, while also balancing ammunition across the board without running out. Once you lose ammo on one weapon, use your mouse wheel to switch to the next and stay in the hunt. Be aware that if you’re looting, sometimes the luck of the draw is against you, as you may not end up with the assault rifle you’re looking for.

Find a Sparkplug

Finally, let’s focus again on vehicles, particularly sparkplugs. Vehicles require sparkplugs to run, alongside Bio Fuel and Batteries.

Vehicles will already have these parts once you’re driving, but you’ll want to make sure you escape the high traffic areas and find a quieter area on the map. If you see other vehicles along the way, don’t hesitate to hop out and steal the sparkplugs from them, as that will prevent other players from driving. That leaves them on foot and you gain an advantage if the Toxic Gas doesn’t get them first. Stay inside of the vehicle and run over the competition.

Also, if you decide to get out of your vehicle or enter a nearby building, go ahead and take the sparkplug. It’ll assure the car stays put and no one steals it.

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