H1Z1 Battle Royale Tips and Strategies

Grab a gun and find a vehicle, our tips for the H1Z1 Battle Royale mode will save your life.

No matter how players look at it, 170 people slugging it out in the H1Z1 Battle Royale game mode doesn’t leave a lot of hope for the individual. The unfortunate part is, even those who choose to team up early on will have to turn on each other at some point. To steal a page out of the Highlander’s book, there can be only one.

As is the case with almost anything in life, the bulk of people playing Battle Royale mindlessly jump into the action and push forward without a plan. We’re going to assume, however, that anyone who is reading this likely doesn’t want to be in that group, and the good news is they don’t have to be. We can’t promise certain victory, but we can provide tips, tricks and strategy ideas that will improve the odds of staying alive until the end of the game.

Choosing a Landing Spot

The best place to land is somewhere far from where players drop out of the plane, away from where the bulk of gamers will land. The first few minutes of Battle Royale will see about 100 die off, and the best way to survive the early purge is to be as far away from it as possible.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that players shouldn’t go for residential areas. In fact, we like them, as a typical house will have a few weapons, some ammunition and perhaps a backpack and motorcycle helmet.

Tip: Loot is far more bountiful on Battle Royale. Just about every house has an AR-15, Shotgun and some ammunition.

Staying out of Sight Early

The only gunfights that players should be in early on is when someone attacks their position, and that position should be tucked away on the second story of a house with only one way up. Is this camping? Sure it is, but for those who want to survive the early stages of the event, it’s necessary. Just sit tight for a few moments and let 100 or so players kill each other, then start thinking about the next step.

Locate a Vehicle

Anyone who wants to have a good chance of surviving in Battle Royale will need to find him or herself a vehicle, which tend to spawn with all of the necessary components already inside. Even if players find one immediately upon landing, take the Battery and Sparkplugs out, then take cover as we suggested in our previous tip. This will ensure that it’s still there when it’s time to move.

The reason that vehicles are essential is because it allows players to move out of the green toxic gas and into the safe zone. This gas is intended to shrink the map every few minutes until the game ends, making sure that two players aren’t camping in opposite cities for hours on end. While everyone else is running and taking shots at each other, a player in a vehicle can go anywhere they want at about 10 times the speed of someone on foot. In fact, as each round of Battle Royale winds down, the last few players are almost always driving around in vehicles.

Medkits and Healing Wounds

Guns and ammunition are important, but so are Medkits. Look for these early, and always be sure to check the bodies of downed opponents (if the coast is clear) for any they were carrying. Just about every gun battle or poison gas update will cause players to take some damage, and Medkits can help to keep gamers alive and in the fight. They can commonly be found in the bathroom cupboards of residential houses, but expect to find them just about anywhere in Battle Royale.

Try and Carry Three Weapons

H1Z1 allows players three slots in which they can carry weapons, and the winner of the Battle Royale event will most likely have them all filled. Whether it’s three AR-15 rifles or two of those and one Shotgun, try to carry as many weapons as possible. Of course when we say weapons, avoid bringing anything for melee fighting, since almost everyone will carry firearms.

The beauty of having two AR-15 rifles and a Shotgun is that when a player runs out of ammunition, he or she doesn’t have to reload, but can simply switch to the next weapon. This means that ammunition is also important, which again can be found in just about every building on the map while playing this game mode.

Well, Battle Royale participants, that does it for our tips today. We’re going to head off and get into the action ourselves, and as the game mode evolves, we’ll return and update this article with new advice. Stay safe!

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