New Horizons is the latest entry in the iconic Animal Crossing franchise and will be bringing a variety of features from past games to the modern-day along with plenty of never before seen features. One particular feature that many players are hoping to see return is Gyroids. Fortunately, we have all of the currently known information about Gyroids in this title covered for you. 

Gyroids Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Gyroids have been a staple aspect of the fan-favorite Nintendo franchise for some time. These items are unique looking pieces of furniture that players emit odd sounds. Players can bury these items in the ground and will see them appear after rainy or snowy days around 6 Am the next day. Each one has its kind of personality, which makes them entertaining additions to the home or any player.

 Gyroids Animal Crossing New Horizons

(photo courtesy of Fandom)

Now, it is currently unclear whether or not these items are in the latest entry in the Nintendo franchise, as the community has not yet been able to spot any ahead of the game's official release on March 20th. Players will have to wait until March 20th to see if these particular furniture pieces are in the title. We will update this piece with more information on the Gyroids if they are indeed in this game when more is made available. 

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