Gwent – How to Get More Ore For Free

Don’t want to buy Ore in Gwent? Here’s every single way you can earn it in the game!

Ore is one of the most important in-game currencies that players will come across in Gwent, and if you want to expand your decks and build up your collection by purchasing new cards, you’re going to need to start earning more Ore. But, if you don’t feel like putting your real-world money on the line, then you may be wondering what the best ways to get Ore are. In this article we’ll show you every single way that you can get more Ore in Gwent, which will help you buy new Kegs in the Card Shop.

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How to Get More Ore For Free

While some players won’t mind dropping real cash on Kegs for new cards, many players just don’t have the same option—or don’t want to put a lot of money into the game just yet. Because of this, CD Projekt Red have made several different ways for players to earn Ore, which will let you buy more Kegs without having to drop your own cash into the game’s ecosystem.

As we said before, there are a lot of ways to earn Ore. The easiest method is to simply compete in Casual and Ranked matches. As you complete more matches (winning or losing) you can earn various amounts of Ore. This is the simplest way to start building up your stockpile.

Also, remember that “Send Good Game” button at the end of each match? Well that button isn’t just there to look good. See, if you and your opponent both hit that button, you’ll both receive a nice little boost of 5 Ore or Scrap. Sure, it isn’t much, but every little bit helps when you’re trying to stock up for more Kegs.

Another tried and true way to get more Ore is to login each day and complete your Daily Quests. These little quests range in difficulty from things like winning a certain number of matches, or even just winning a specific number of rounds. They also reset each day, which means you can earn that same amount of Ore each day that you play. Since most of the quests are pretty easy to complete, there’s currently no reason not to do them and stock up on that Ore.

In the latest versions of the beta (and later when the full game releases) players will be able to complete Single player challenges, which reward them with Ore, Scraps, or even Leader cards. There are several available in the game right now, and we’d suggest completing them to earn yourself a nice stockpile of Ore so you can pick up some new Kegs and build your collection a little before you start playing any Ranked games.

There are a multitude of ways to earn Ore if you want to maximize your productivity in Gwent. But, since you can simply earn it by playing the game, that’s what we’d suggest. Complete your challenges, do the Daily Quests, and play online against other users. Wait until you’ve stocked up a good deal of Ore before you visit the Card Shop, and then take a look at our guide on how to get more cards so you can build your deck up. You can also look at our guide on how to build a strong deck, which will go over the fundamentals of building a deck in Gwent.

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