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Guilt Battle Arena Tips & Tricks

by Bryan Dawson

Guilt Battle Arena is a frantic couch-combat game. With its 4-player versus mode, it can become very competitive and you might ruin some friendship as the winner takes all. Believe me, you want to be the winner. Follow this guideto have the best experience with Guilt Battle Arena and to get better than your friends and family.

1. Best settings for a perfect match

We just announced an exciting free update that will come-out this April. It will include bots, improved co-op and the Battle Arena mode which will be the best way to enjoy Guilt Battle Arena’s competitive modes.

In the meantime, after playing the tutorial, we recommend to get to know the game modes before adding some modifiers. Do a couple rounds with the games modes Last Man Standing or Hot Potato Bomb to make your debut in the arena.

Once you are ready for some crazy action-packed battles, we recommend playing the Random game mode with 5 victories and set the modifiers as shown below to have a fun and diverse experience:

  • Ghost: always fun when playing with 3 or 4 as dead players still have an impact by annoyingly stealing other player’s bullets.
  • Speed-up: perfect if you want to increase the intensity of the rounds.
  • Multi-bullet: good option if players have different skill levels as the lowest ranked players will have more bullets.
  • Jetpack: put this in random, it is a good way to change the main gameplay.
  • Trampoline / Invisible: choose one and put it in random. Having both at the same time can be a bit too hard to follow. You can try if you want the ultimate wackiness experience.

We would love to hear about your best experience with Guilt Battle Arena, please share your favorite settings in the comment section or on social media.

2. Dodge bullets with style

Movements are very important in Guilt Battle Arena. Used at the right time, you can turn a lost cause to your advantage and even a victory.

  • Jump: your only option to avoid a bullet when you are on the ground.

  • Double Jump: it is the perfect move to avoid landing on a bullet.

  • Dive: same as the double jump, it can be very handy when you are in the air. You can dodge a bullet by diving but be careful to not land on another one!

  • Dash: dash is not only the fastest way to collect your bullet back. You can dash 2 times in the air and it stops your fall temporarily and you will be able to avoid a bullet above or bellow you. It is a harder to use than a dive or a double jump but you will keep more control of where you are in the arena.

3. Avoid getting blown-up in Hot Potato Bomb

Hot Potato Bomb is one of my favorite game mode. Combined with Speed-up it can lead to very frantic rounds!

If you don’t like exploding, here are few tips:

  • If you have the bomb: don’t panic you can still make the most out of it. If you have time, try to get as close as possible to your target and shoot to pass the bomb. If you think you won’t have time to shoot or collect your bullet, try to get as close as possible to the other players. At least you won’t explode alone!

  • If you don’t have the bomb: stay as far as possible away from the bomb. Be even more alert when the bomb is about to explode, you will hate getting caught into the explosion after all that effort to pass the bomb.

4. Survive the Chicken Rain

Chicken Rain is probably the wackiest game mode in Guilt Battle Arena. Though, getting through the infinite rain of chickens alive can be very challenging. If you forgot your umbrella, here are some tips to survive the chicken storm:

  • Stay away from the edges of the arena: chickens love easy target. If you stay for too long on the edge, a chicken will appear automatically. In general, it is better to stay close to the center and near the safe spots!
  • Don’t jump unless you really need to: try to refrain from jumping too often otherwise you will get smashed in the air by a chicken. Getting hit by a bullet could be better than jumping over it and rushing into a chicken…

  • Don’t focus too much on your bullet: your bullet is important to stun the other players but don’t rush to collect it. Make sure you have time to do it first. If not, go to a safe spot, wait for the rain and then grab your bullet back.

5. Master the art of Trampoline

Since you spend most of your time in the air with the Trampoline modifier activated, it can be tricky to collect your bullet. Try diving when you are above your bullet. You will gain precious time to shoot first.

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