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Guardians of the Galaxy | Should You Buy The Lottery Ticket?

by Prima Games Staff

Guardians of the Galaxy is loaded with decisions both big and small. With a focus on money and a bigger focus on the overarching story, there’s so much to prepare for. This is why the decision to bet on the lottery may entice you. Is it worth taking this bet or should you leave it entirely?

This is everything you need to know before going in and whether or not you should purchase it. 

Guardians of the Galaxy | Should You Buy The Lottery Ticket?

What Should You Do Beforehand?

Deciding whether or not you will pay for the lottery will likely depend on decisions made earlier in the game. For instance, if you choose to hide the llama, you will only owe 7000 credits in fines. Hiding the material will cause the llama to be found, costing you 9000.

After this, you have to decide if you will even bother to pay it. Choosing not to will affect your story and lock you out from certain achievements in your first playthrough. 

Later in the game, you have to hover over the option to pay back your fine for story reasons so you won’t miss this option. This being said, you can choose to just not pay it, meaning you don’t need that money saved. If you don’t plan on paying it back, there’s little reason to not buy this ticket.

It can get you a little closer to those completionist trophies. 

Should You Buy The Lottery Ticket?

You will never win this so don’t plan on it. That being said, if you are hunting for the platinum, you will need to do this. If you just care about the story, you can skip this entirely.

Guardians of the Galaxy has some pretty decent save options so you could always save the game and test both routes, something only worth doing if you really want to see everything. 

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